3 business trends to lookout for in 2020

As we approach the end of the year SMEs and entrepreneurs should be looking to preparing their business for next year.

What business trends should businesses be on the lookout for in 2020?

business trends 2020Find out below a number of things your business should be aware of from the environment and new technologies adopting these three business trends can set you up for a successful 2020. As well as the three trends below your employees might be on the lookout for new casino sites 2020 to give them a good work life balance and they can relax away from the office playing games.

So read on to find out the business trends you need to look out for as we approach 2020.

Climate change and the environment

In the last year there have been a number of high profile individuals rallying for the condition of the planet we live on. It is something that we need to be acting on right now and business is seen to be a big part of the problem with companies like Coca Cola being named as one of the worst culprits of damaging the environment.

As SMEs going into a new year, businesses need to rethink how they impact the environment and how they can help save the planet for future generations.

It is an important issue. One that employees are increasingly aware of. Recycling should be an important aspect of office life. Employers should push their employees to go paperless, not print emails and recycle anything they do print as a habit.

There any many other things that SMEs can do to work towards saving the environment, it is just a matter to implement them.

AI and automation

Technology is progressing at a faster rate than most small businesses can keep up. But there needs to be a time when SMEs invest in new technology to make their business run smoother.

AI and automation is now at a point where it is viable and affordable for smaller businesses to dip their toes in the water and invest. They are both designed to make jobs easier to manage, for example, chatbots.

Response rate is important to businesses to ensure that customers and clients feel that their enquiry is being seen to. With chatbots your response rate becomes almost instantaneous. You can filter enquiries with FAQs being answered without the need for human interaction, or direct customers to the correct department. They can answer their query efficiently without the annoying habit of bouncing customers around the whole company for a simple answer.

SMEs need to invest in AI and automation to improve efficiency in 2020.

5G networks

People are addicted to speed. The speed of their internet that is. The normal smartphone user is now used to having a fast 4G internet wherever they go, whether that is in the city or the middle of nowhere.

Now, imagine your internet is much faster. So fast that you can download a HD movie in seconds. That is what 5G networks are offering.

With the connected cities we live in now 5G networks is clearly going to benefit business. But as with many new technologies it is in the early stages it is expensive and limited where you can get 5G. However, moving into 2020, 5G is going to explode across the UK with many people being able to access casino bonus UK at the touch of a button in an instant.

Businesses will be more connected with a massive speed boost. The ability to access large documents within seconds will certainly be beneficial to many SMEs. Outfit employees with 5G devices will make your business smarter, faster and more connected in 2020.

So follow the above three business trends in 2020 to give your business the head start it needs in the new year.