How to organise your corporate Christmas party this festive season

With Christmas looming just around the corner, there’s never been a better way to thank your colleagues for all their hard work, than with a memorable festive celebration or party night.

If you haven’t got your corporate Christmas party plans into motion just yet, then don’t worry, there’s still time to get something sorted for Christmas 2019. From private dining experiences, to full-scale party nights that feature spectacular entertainment, there will be something to suit every company or organisation out there, whatever the budget!

corporate Christmas partyIf you’re feeling a bit unsure about where to start with the organising, then don’t worry, as Eventa, one of the UK’s leading corporate event agencies have provided a run-down of their top tips and best advice for readers of Talk Business. Based down in Brighton, the team here are experts in all things events and specialise in connecting customers to their perfect Christmas party venue and event. You’ll be able to rely on their expertise, as these guys boast over a decade’s worth of experience and are ready to help companies out there find their ideal festive celebration with ease.

Take a read of their top tips and advice on planning a corporate Christmas party below. Get ready to end the working year on a high and enjoy the best time of the year with friends and colleagues!

Decide where you’d like to celebrate

Probably one of the most important areas to start off with; where would you like your event to take place? Would you like it to take place in the same town or city that your workplace is, or would you prefer for it to be in a different location? Rural options are always an idea for somewhere a bit different but do consider how your guests will make their way there and back.

One option is to provide transportation for your guests to and from the venue at set times, or you could ensure that your location and venue of choice is within close proximity to public transport options. Alternatively, guests may like the option to stay overnight so do ensure that the venue itself is able to provide overnight accommodation, or that there are nearby hotels a short distance away. It may be worthwhile when looking at venues, to choose a few that you like the look of, in case your preferred date for the event becomes unavailable during the planning process.

Identify a date

The next step in the planning process is to identify a date and send this date around to your team or department. Do bear in mind that weekdays will generally be cheaper than Friday and Saturday evenings, which are usually classed as more premium dates. If you do decide to go for a weekday event and you want your team to work the next day, do be a little lenient and allow them to have a late start after the night’s festivities. Once you have a set number of guests that you know can make the event for sure, you’ll have a much better idea of what party night it is that you’d like to go for, which leads us on to the next step – do you opt for a shared or an exclusive Christmas party night?

Choose between a shared or exclusive party night

If you’re stuck between the choice of a shared or exclusive party night, then don’t worry – this is a common situation that organisers find themselves pondering when it comes to planning the annual Christmas party. We’ll run through everything you need to know about shared and exclusive events and will help you to recognise what kind of event will be best for you and your team. So, shared or exclusive party night, what’s the difference?

Shared party nights

Shared party nights run on specific dates and are ideal for those smaller to medium sized groups, companies and organisations, who are looking to experience all the fun and atmosphere of a larger scale party night, without the cost. On the night of the event, you and your group of guests will be joined by other local groups and will come together to create the ultimate Christmas party night. Everything will be organised by the venue, so all you’ll have to do is provide your numbers and each guest’s dining option.

All of the décor, seating arrangements, and entertainment will be organised by the venue, so that’s less things that you’ll have to worry about! You’ll just need to think of what outfit you’ll be wearing for the big festive event!

Exclusive party nights

Exclusive party nights are another name for private parties, meaning that the event will be purely for your group only. Ideal for larger groups who are seeking a more private and intimate environment, exclusive Christmas party nights may be the choice for you. If you’re a smaller group that’s looking for something private, then why not look into a private dining experience? Your group will be able to enjoy an exclusive area of a restaurant or venue, and everyone will be able to indulge in a unique, festive dining experience!

Another perk of opting for an exclusive celebration is that it’s easier to add your own personal touch to your event; perhaps you’d like to combine the Christmas party with an end of year awards ceremony beforehand, where you’ll be able to recognise your team and their excellent contribution to the company that year. Also, if you’d like to start your party a little earlier, then you’ll have way more flexibility with an exclusive party, should you want to make things more personal and unique.

Some venues are even open to organising bespoke parties. This means that if you’re after something specific like a themed party night or simply an event with particular food or entertainment, then you’ll be able to speak with the venue’s event team and together, you’ll be able to create your ultimate Christmas party night for you and your guests

To theme or not to theme?

To theme or not to theme, that it the question! When it comes to organising your corporate Christmas party, you’ll be able to opt for something more traditional or something with a theme. Our offered venues’ traditional parties are exactly what you’d expect from a Christmas party – delicious, classic food, beautiful festive decorations, crackers and some top entertainment, which will usually be in the form of a DJ and disco. Themed events are exactly what you’d think they are – party nights that follow a particular theme or style. The venue will be dressed to this theme with stunning décor and there will usually be entertainment related to the theme of the evening.

What themes are big for Christmas 2019?

There’s plenty of themes on offer in our top UK locations this year, with something that everyone in your group will love. Every year, we do notice trends in themes and this year, we’d have to say some of the big themes for 2019 are ‘The Greatest Show’ and ‘Circus’ themed events. Taking inspiration from the incredible movie starring Hugh Jackman which hit our screens last year, these amazing and stunning parties will be sure to provide you and your group with a truly unforgettable night.

Immerse yourselves in the spectacular entertainment from a cast of talented performers, who will be sure to take your breath away with their dazzling circus skills! Not only will you experience some top live entertainment from the performers, but you’ll also be able to indulge your senses in a mouth-watering Christmas meal!

Of course, no Christmas party offerings would be the same without the classic ‘Traditional’ party nights. Traditional parties are those brilliant evenings consisting of beautiful, classic, festive décor that come with a delicious two or three-course meal, followed by DJ entertainment and a disco. Perfect for those groups who wish to fully immerse themselves in a wonderful Christmas filled evening.

There are of course wonderful Christmas party themes available up and down the UK, so whatever town or city you live in, there’s sure to be a great mix on offer.


So there you have it; Eventa’s complete run down of what you need to consider when planning your annual corporate Christmas party!

Whatever the theme of your corporate Christmas party you decide to opt for this year, all that matters is that you and your group let your hair down, indulge in some delicious festive food and have some fun after another year of hard work! It’s time to raise a glass and celebrate all the achievements and successes of 2019!

Why not take a look at Eventa’s excellent choice of shared and exclusive Christmas parties which are available in all major cities up and down the UK