Upcoming trends for 2019/20

2019 is coming to a close faster than we’d like which means 2020 is approaching at speed.

What better way to sign off the year and say hello to a new one than by looking at the upcoming trends.

upcoming trendsWe’re not focusing on one area however, today we’re looking across the board and we’re starting with one of the upcoming trends that’s at the forefront of everything at the moment; zero emissions. 

It’s all about zero emissions

Our environment is a hot topic of debate at the moment. Our focus has been firmly placed on doing everything we can to not only help rectify the damage we’ve already done but do all we can to prevent further damage. One area in particular that we can all help is through the use of our transport. While many opt to use public transport, there are now far more affordable ways that we can go that one step further. Instead of simply reducing our carbon footprint, we can now eradicate it completely with regards to transport by using zero emissions vehicles. 

At E Rider, one of the UK’s leading electric bike suppliers, they claim advancements in technology have seen electric bikes fly up the ranks in recent years. From electric pedlecs to fully fledged electric motorbikes; their capabilities will blow you away and show you anything their petrol run sister bikes can do, they can do better. With ranges allowing for even the longest of daily commutes to speeds high enough for motorway drives, electric bikes and their zero emissions look to become even more popular than they already are this coming year. 

Self care with CBD

Along with doing all we can to keep our environment as healthy as possible, 2019 has seen the focus shifted onto ourselves too. This will only become much more important in 2020 especially as we see the benefits of CBD. CBD has become available for not only human consumption but also for our pets too. 

Whether you utilise CBD in forms of topical oils, within vape systems or as edibles, we guarantee CBD’s popularity will only continue to increase. Why? Well, the benefits of CBD are vast. This past year alone has seen consumer after consumer tout the myriad of benefits they’ve seen through regular use of Cannobidoils. This non-psychoactive component has been linked to chronic pain and inflammation relief, a reduction in epileptic symptoms, lowered anxiety and depression as well as a reduction in oxidative stress. It’s also shown benefits in terms of treating heart ailments, fighting multidrug resistant bacteria and even helping to treat type 1 diabetes. Add to this its benefits in helping treat schizophrenia, skin conditions, Alzheimer’s disease and certain types of cancer and it’s clear to see why CBD will be the self care choice of 2020. 

Stay connected

If there’s anything we’ve learnt in 2019, it’s that our dependence on smart devices isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s probably fair to say we’ve become even more dependent on the phones that sit comfortably in our pockets as we use them for everything from travel to work and even socialising. With that being said, staying connected and keeping our phones and other smart devices topped up in terms of that constantly draining battery, has become paramount. 

While the quick answer is to simply carry around a charger, it’s neither convenient or in some cases, even possible to use it. That’s why the likes of Chargespot UK, suppliers of mobile phone charging stations and lockers are becoming a necessity in 2020. From airports to shopping centres, festivals to motorway service stations and practically any type of event; wherever crowds of people will be, a mobile phone charging locker won’t be far behind. 

While a phone charging station may only sound of benefit to consumers, it’s simply not the case. Benefits seen through one of these phone charging stations include additional sales as customers are encouraged to browse surrounding areas more while devices charge. There are also additional marketing opportunities through custom vinyl wraps

Meal prep your way to your health and fitness goals

Last but most certainly not least, something that will never go out of style and that’s our own health and fitness. As they always say, abs are made in the kitchen which is why so many turn to their diet and eating habits as well as their personal fitness, when trying to make a positive lifestyle change. 

With ever increasing demands on our time however, be it work or family life, creating our own very carefully planned meals can be an arduous task. Meal prep services however, make it all possible and what’s more, make our goals much easier to achieve. Recipe For Results, an Essex based meal prep and personal training company told us they’ve seen a huge rise in meal prep orders and personal training bookings as people begin to recognise the advantages of having a professional company take care of their needs.