Corrugated plastic sheet: All you should know

Created by Coroplast Inc, corrugated plastic comes in two types: Thin wall and wave-like plastic. Thin-walled plastic, also referred to as a fluted plastic board, thin-walled plastic is formed from polypropylene.

Polypropylene is a natural ph thermoplastic that can resist chemicals, oils, water, as well as UV rays at normal temperatures. That’s why polypropylene can survive in harsh weather conditions. The best part: polypropylene is corrosion resistant—which makes it ideal for different outdoor uses. It’s also important to note that polyethylene and polycarbonate can be used to produce corrugated plastic.

corrugated plasticBut what use is this type of plastic? And what does it mean for your business?

The benefits

Lightweight but strong—these are the best properties of corrugated plastic. This makes them ideal when it comes to different manufacturing as well as industrial applications. Also, various colors can be included in the fabricated material to match your explicit house. This makes corrugated plastic sheet a popular choice for different applications—including those involving the construction industry.

The structure

The structure of the corrugated plastic sheets isn’t that complicated. For instance, a twin-all corrugated structure features two sheets in one. Normally, the structure contains two plastics: polypropylene and polyethylene or polycarbonate. A hollow core is used to connect the two plastics. Corrugated plastic sheets can be used in the following applications:

  • Marketing and promotion: Corrugated sheets can be used in indoor and outdoor signage as well as graphics. Get yours from a reliable company like Plastics Distributor and Custom Fabrication Company – Regal Plastics.
  • Packaging and storage: Corrugated plastic sheet can also be used in containers, boxes, and baskets.
  • Automotive: Corrugated plastic sheets are strong—making them ideal in auto interior parts, sidewalls, and panels
  • Industrial and construction: You can use corrugated plastic sheets to make temporary walls and other protective covers
  • Home furnishing and stage design: Corrugated sheets are aesthetically appealing—making them ideal for stage decorations and wall fixtures


Colors and sizes


It’s important to note that the corrugated sheet comes in a variety of colors. White, being the most common color, corrugated plastic sheets are available in an additional 15 colors. Thus, depending on your project, you can get an option that fits your preferences and style.


Want a perfect blend between rigidity and lightness? Think corrugated sheet. With a corrugated sheet, you can be sure of a light sheeting option for all your structural applications. Plus, the material has strong rigidity that can withstand elements, solvents, and even humidity. Even more, the corrugated sheet is green-stain as well as rodent-resistant. It is easy to cut the corrugated sheet. Additionally, you can easily drill and fold the corrugated sheet. It is affordable—making it a popular choice in most construction projects. In a nutshell, corrugated plastic is durable, ultra-light, affordable, and versatile in terms of uses.

The bottom-line

Technology has made it possible to manufacture corrugated sheets. With corrugated sheets, you have a roofing solution that’s resistant to water, UV rays, oils, and even chemicals. Thus, when shopping around for quality roofing solutions that can serve you for years to come, think corrugated sheets. The above information contains all you should know concerning corrugated sheets.