What should you focus on for your business in 2020?

It is not long until we are steaming into the new year. 2020 should be the focus of your business now.

If you are not a retailer, chances are that things are starting to slow down as you approach the end of the calendar year. The focus of your business should be now on 2020.

business focus 2020This is true of many industries as attention of your employees is turned away from work and towards the festive period. They may even be looking for a list of free spins 2020 in the UK at CasinoViking, whilst in their spare time. All in all, not really focussed on the task at hand.

Direct your employees to focus on 2020 and your business will go into the new year with new exciting strategies for growth.

Target social media

Social media is the great equalizer. Everyone has a voice and can say what they like when they would like to. It is also the place in which your business should focus in developing a strong voice in 2020.

The social platforms are varied and difficult to crack. Facebook is seen as a less youthful platform going into 2020. This can still benefit your business as older generations have undisputed buying power and have disposable income that younger generations do not.

At one point it looked like Twitter was one the way out. But a particularly vocal president was sworn in and Twitter became the best place to gain an insight into his thoughts and feelings, for better or for worse. Twitter is the best place to share your views and give your customers insight into your company culture.

Instagram has become the mouthpiece of the younger generation. You can share your story through pictures and this easily digestible format has grown massively over the past few years. Your business should get in on this action to give your company a personal feel to it. Photos are intimate, showcasing your company in this way should be the focus of your business in 2020. People these days want too see you open and honest as a responsible company and Instagram is the perfect way to do this.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is slightly different to social media. Social media should certainly be part of your digital marketing strategy but can be managed as a separate entity. It might be wise to have interlocking strategies for both.

This strategy should keep in mind your website. Focus on getting your website to the top of Google for certain keywords and rank on Google for what you think should be what your customers are finding you for. With Google, it is imperative that you are found on the first page of every search engine. This is where SEO comes in.

SEO is search engine optimization and when creating another post or a new page on your website is what you should be focused on. Google changes it’s algorithms for ranking websites, so keeping informed about the latest trends. This is unlikely to change for 2020, so it should be the main focus of your business digital marketing strategy.


Most businesses sell something at the core of their business strategy. Online shopping continues to grow to the point that bricks and mortar shops are in decline. As a business entering into 2020 without an eCommerce store, your focus on building an eCommerce presence should be at the top of your new year’s wish list.

Even casinos are moving online. You can find a new online casino 2020 at and get a generous welcome bonus, showing the popularity of building an online presence for casinos.

Unfortunately the high street is dying, to continue surviving and being successful in the new decade as a shop eCommerce is a route to success.