How has the smartphone revolutionised business operations?

Since the release of the first iPhone in June of 2007, the smartphone has evolved massively. With the implementation of larger screen space, improved gesture controls and a front-facing camera, we are more reliant on our smartphones than ever before.

With this in mind, we will be providing you with a list of some of the ways that the smartphone has revolutionised business operations in the 21st century.

smartphone business operationsSocial media networks

Since the invention of the first smartphone, there have been changes to a number of different sectors, but it is business that has benefitted the most. As the capability of mobile phones expanded, so too has the way that technology that business can use to market products and services. One of the biggest changes is the invention of social media platforms. This led to the complete revolution of the business sector as it opened the door to increased communications and brand-new marketing opportunities.

The invention of mobile applications

In addition to the invention of social media networks, the smartphone has bought about a number of mobile applications that are available at the touch of a button. Whether this is a business call application with BYOD function to help you run your business, or a mobile game to help you pass the time, this has all helped to make the daily business day much more bearable. There are also a number of these applications that are available on both IOS and Android, allowing Android and Apple lovers access to the same useful applications.

Increased response times

Yet another benefit that the smartphone has provided the business sector is the increased response time. With a number of messaging applications as well as email notifications and other notification systems, the response is much faster than ever before. Whether you are all in the office or some members of the team are away on business, a notification system or third-party app can help to bring up response times and ensure that no email or phone call goes unanswered. This is vital to the daily operations of the business as efficiency is then increased over time, making this beneficial for your business.

Less down time from business

The worst possible outcome for a business is downtime as this can lose you money and with the smartphone this is now a thing of the past. Even if you are out of office, you can receive phone calls and access files all in one place, allowing your business to remain open at all times. Though you may also need a laptop to help you out with this, your business will benefit from increased communication as well as an increase in productivity over time. Whether you are running everything from your iPhone, or you are screen sharing your Samsung to your laptop, this can help you to run your business efficiently.

Whether you are a small business just entering a crowded market, or you are an established business looking to modernise, the smartphone is the best place to start, as you then have everything you need to control your business operations is in the palm of your hand.