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Paysafe announced a partnership with Youtube

Paysafe is a modern payment option that has gained popularity among businesses and consumers in many countries. Similar to the e-wallets, this payment and credit card processor allows the users to move money easily and quickly via the website or mobile apps. 

In July 2019, the leading global payment system, Paysafe, signed a partnership with the greatest video streaming platform YouTube. In this collaboration, Paysafecard becomes an alternative payment option for YouTube Premium in some European countries such as the UK, France, Germany, and Spain. 

This cooperation will be advantageous for both sides as it is a great opportunity for them to prosper and develop. As for the Paysafe, this partnership is not the first one because the group signed several cooperation agreements since its creation.

Details of the deal

Since YouTube Premium is a paid membership that guarantees more improved experience across YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube Gaming, several YouTube users choose this platform to elaborate on how to exploit it. In fact, choosing YouTube Premium is more advantageous as it allows the customers to access to ad-free videos and YouTube original content. 

With this site, they are also able to save their preferred videos or music on their mobile devices and can watch them even offline. Obviously, as YouTube Premium is a paid subscription service, many European customers experience difficulty to access to financial services. 

Thanks to the partnership with Paysafecard, this issue is over now. Today, the memberships don’t need to disclose their financial data online when paying YouTube Premium service with Paysafecard. This collaboration is an extension of an early partnership with Google Play Store in June 2018. 

In this agreement with Google, the customers who have no credit card or digital banking accounts can pay online. Paysafecard can be used on over 650,000 sales outlets around the world in more than 40 countries.

About Paysafe Group

Established under the name of Optimal Payments PLC in 2000, the company headquartered in Vienna, Austria’s capital. This payment method has a similar procedure to the prepared card in which the customers have to use a 16-digit paysafecard PIN to move funds. 

Paysafecard is part of the reputed name Paysafe Group which is known to supply advanced payment services. Under the brands of paysafecard Mastercard, Paysafe card, and Paysafe cash, this solution offers both prepaid and online cash services. The main goal of Paysafe Group is to enable both companies and customers to transact easily through the great payment companies such as digital wallets and other cash services.

Paysafe Group products are used by many merchants and companies around the world including the online casino. The iGaming industry has shown incredible growth with a large selection of casino games. Transferring funds is, thus, straightforward since reliable online casinos that accept Paysafe payments allow you to make deposits and withdrawals with equivalent methods. 

The main benefit of using Paysafecard as a payment method is its accessibility in many countries. The customers just buy the card in the retailers or online and enter the scratched code and can move the funds. As stated above, the YouTube Premium memberships don’t need to have a credit card to make transactions.

Although Paysafecard is different compared with other methods like e-wallets, it has remained the most attractive banking option since it provides a high-level of security. What’s more, Paysafe can be used directly on mobile devices, enabling the users to make transactions at their convenience. As it has more than 20 years of experience, the company has more than 3,000 employees around the world. Paysafecard connects with its customers through 200 payment methods and with more than 40 currencies.