The benefits of employee storage lockers

Workplace lockers don’t just provide top-of-the-range security for personal possessions. They’re also essential in flexible modern office environments.

The traditional workplace has evolved significantly in recent years. With hotdesking, work-from home policies and even the ability to bring your dog to work, employers are recognising the importance of allowing greater flexibility and privileges to their employees in order to be rewarded with staff loyalty in retention along with increased productivity.  There are many ways in which employers can change the workplace culture, in terms of offering flexi hours and remote working solutions, but savvy organisations also understand the importance of making physical changes to the actual workplace too. Installing ergonomic furniture and changing the layout of the office to encourage collaboration are both important changes alongside providing workplace lockers for your staff.

storage lockersHotdesking solution

The modern worker may not have a static desk in the workplace. As companies realise that a smaller office means lower overheads, whilst remote workers visit the office only on an occasional basis, it’s much easier and more affordable to apply a hotdesking policy in your workplace. Depending on your potential headcount at any one time, your staff may be given days that they’re allocated a desk in the office, or else can book one in advance to meet their working needs. Without a static desk, your employees will need somewhere to store their personal property including essential items that would usually be kept at the desk. Stationery trays can easily slide inside the lockers and be filled with your employees’ choice of pens, notepads, files they regularly work with etc. Workplace lockers provide a means for your teams to secure items during the working day or even overnight if required.

Static environment

However, employee storage lockers also work well in static desk environments too. Organisations where everyone has a dedicated workspace may still enjoy plenty of flexibility in other ways. Employees might go to the gym at lunch, ride their bike home, be flying on a business trip after work, or just require a change of clothes for a work engagement. Instead of storing clothing or other necessary possessions for these activities under their desks or in a shared communal area where security cannot be assured, smart storage lockers are a beneficial solution.

Shared workplace storage

Workplace storage lockers aren’t just a solution on a personal level though, they also offer ideal shared facilities for your organisation. Whether you wish to lock stationery away to stop employees from walking away with bulk orders of notepads, or else you’re looking for a secure location to house confidential files in, workplace lockers can be just what you’re looking for.

The technology behind smart lockers

A smart storage locker can be used with your employee’s individual building access card, or if you don’t use these, then a mobile app on your smartphone will also release the lock when activated. In terms of running costs, the latest smart lockers are incredibly energy-efficient in comparison to traditional battery-operated systems and save organisations up to 85% as mains-operated units.

If you’re ready to provide greater flexibility for your employees, then it’s time to look at both the culture and physical design of your workplace. Investing in workplace storage should be part of any flexible modern office environment!