PayPal’s stricter policies to money transactions

There has been a large increase in the number of problem gamblers across the European gambling industry. Most gamblers have been seen overspending on gambling related which has led to their accounts accumulate huge debts that automatically lead them to bankruptcy.

These problem gamblers who are self addicts of gambling have also been identified to be misusing the online payment methods. For example PayPal has been spotted to let its customers use debts to make transactions that relate to gambling activities which in turn exceed the banking limits. This will eventually lead to a financial crisis in the entire economy as a result of over-spending.

PayPal transactionsAs a result, PayPal company being one of the largest e-wallet systems has come about with stricter policies that will ensure that online gambling transactions are well utilized or not misused at all. For instance MPs together with other gambling experts have collaborated with PayPal to stop people from taking huge debt in the name gambling. The company went further to enforce transactions ban related to iGaming industries in a case where there is noncompliance to policies or any gray areas they may spot.

PayPal trick for problem people

Compulsive gamblers have been caught more than often in this great threat of overspending. The biggest challenge to problem gamblers the company has put in place is the absence of limits to gambling activities. This essentially means that the system shall not recognize the previous transaction made until it’s too late. 

This delay of 48 hours could give enough time to a gambler to bet on as many games as possible now that he has enough bankroll to keep him going. At that time the gamblers may not easily identify if they are chasing loses in the game they are playing and instead save for future but they stay put to their screen taking chances with their finances. The provision of having no limits has been tricking many gamblers go into huge debts and eventually run to bankruptcy.

PayPal tightened rules for iGaming transactions

PayPal took a corrective measure by introducing policies which took effect from October this year where it initiated a regulatory policy that will see to it that each individual vendor establishes the legality of any given transaction. In spite of the availability of other e-wallet payment methods for Brits and New Zealanders like Skrill and Neteller, Kiwis are looking for real money gambling with PayPal online casinos because of the fact that it’s easy to use and pay with it. This is because the payment method is widely accepted in many casino sites and is equally used among across many country states.

In this latest policy where the Company requires that gamblers must verify if a specific offer is legally permitted. This will block out unregulated offers that keep tempting gamblers. Most of the deposits are related to gaming transactions but these deposits specifically get finished and eventually makes the gambler opt for more debt to satisfy the urge of betting which is a great threat and addiction. PayPal decided to alter its T&C’s in Germany to introduce its stricter control over online gambling products and financial transactions. 

A well strategized treat has been planned to take place early June 2021. The treat which has been titled Third State Treat on Gambling shall compose the 16 Ministers of each German State and later on release the document in January 1, 2020. The Treaty shall prohibit live betting and online casinos. This means it shall be a challenge for gamblers to transfer money to different accounts or even make withdrawals. The Treat is to place a monthly spending limit per player of $1110 and a turnover tax of 5%.


As a way of controlling this great problem of compulsive gambling, PayPal has made a major step by ensuring that these measures are effective. This results in many gamblers spend their funds in a good manner and in turn result to reducing the rates of addiction among international players. 

More developments have been made to curb this great addiction among the industry players, after the blocking of transactions we now have AI software in betting machines. Artificial Intelligent software are among the recent technologies used to control the behavior of compulsive gambling among players in different betting shops.