Top 5 industries to invest money in 2020

Are you thinking of an investment plan at the end of the year or maybe early next year? Then that is one of the wisest decisions you have made, with the advancing technologies, you can meet your employer just at the comfort of your home. 

Most recent companies have opted for online trade which is kind of flexible and automated in a way it saves one time and many more costs. People can make payments for goods and services and receive the service in the right manner. Below are industries which you can invest your money with to make profits. They are among the leading new trends in business you never want to miss.

industries to invest your moneyEco startups

This is an initiative brought about by the entrepreneurs drawn from green industries whose main aim or target is to solve environmental issues/harm through a well-planned strategy that is innovative in nature and perfect to invest money. These types of environmentally friendly industries work hand in hand to make sure that first, the human environment is fit and safe for living and that in the course of saving the environment, new end products that could generate income are formed. 

Example of such startups include Choose Energy, Impossible Food Inc. who have specialized in production of best meat and cheese. More forms of startups include Holganix with organic products and Elevate Structure who mainly deal with developing profitable real estate buildings that are made with an eco-friendly structure.

Mobile payment startups

Mobile start-ups have become great solutions in the business world and has helped investor find various funding history, investment activities and valuable insights about top trending companies and startups. It is essential for proper planning and an eased market analysis where trade is done in a simpler and more effective manner. 

Legal iGaming companies

Gambling has from the recent past been both a fun and a commercial activity where huge exchange of funds among the players and bettors is experienced. The practice has really developed from the land base traditional forms of gaming to recent digital online gaming. 

There has been an increase in the number of new offshore casino sites overseas and gambling related activities have equally thrived making it a more lucrative and enticing venture. Especially in Europe, gambling activities have really been supported by the government through their agencies and it has led to an overall increase in the revenue collected.

Blockchain and crypto

Digital currency has been noted by researchers to be one of the best recent payment methods brought about by the emerging new block-chain system. Most companies across the globe have opted to use this effective means to solve most financial transactions. 

This technology relies on specific currencies like Bitcoin to transact and it has proved to move the financial boundaries to the next level. It has provided a wider market for traders as the currencies are recognized globally by most trading companies making it easy for use.


This is yet another industry that is attracting most people as it has turned out to be a great fun to the lovers of sports. The industry which has been seen to generate around $5.1 M revenue to the government has a variety of brands that target different needs of people. These type of industry uses the platform to broadcast live coverage of events and their game play. 

The platform has made it easier for the fans to easily participate in their favorite sports and engage with their best players too. YouTube and Twitch have been leading in the provision of the fine services.