How to cut down on office space

As the years go by, it seems as though the price of office space is only increasing more and more each day. This is why many businesses are turning their efforts online and trying to reduce the need for office space as much as possible.

Of course, not every business finds it so easy to cut down on office space in order to save money in the long-term.

cut down on office spaceIn this article, we are going to give you some of our top tips to help you cut down on office space in the new year. This will include everything from going paperless in your office to moving to a shared space with other businesses. Keep reading to find out more.

Go paperless

One of the best ways that you can cut down on office space is to go paperless. This is something which not only has the ability to reduce the office space that you need but it also allows you to run a more sustainable business. Going paperless is easier than you think as most people use emails anyway these days. If you can spend some time adding all of your files to a computer system then you will be able to get rid of that room full of filing cabinets. Of course, this can depend on the kind of business that you are running but generally it can make a difference. Having a more sustainable business is increasingly important so make sure to consider this.

Use a colocation data centre

Another great way to cut down on your office space is to consider using the cloud. This is something which many business owners are opting for in order to save space and money and it is working quite well. Of course, to hold all of your data on a server, you need physical space to store it. This is where a colocation data centre can come in and safely store your business online. We suggest taking a look at Virtus Data Centres as they offer affordable and secure places for your data in and around London. Make sure to consider this if you are hoping to save some space in your office in 2020.

Offer flexible working

Have you ever thought about offering flexible working in your office? This is something which many business owners are starting to do in 2019 and it seems as though this trend is going to become even more popular in 2020. Flexible working involves allowing your team to work hours that suit them as well as allowing them to work from home if this is possible. The more staff that you have working from home, the fewer desks you’ll need in your office.

Transitioning to this kind of office can be tricky but once you get into the swing of it, you’ll find that a flexible office helps you to cut down on space.

Recycle equipment

Many businesses find that they hold on to equipment that is outdated or no longer working and this can actually take up more office space than it needs to. If you have some old computers lying around your office then now might be the time to recycle them and move them out of the office. This is something which can happen when you start offering flexible working of you have a few employees leave the office. If you can find somewhere suitable to recycle your old equipment then this should have the desired effect.

Try a shared space

Our final tip for those who want to cut down on office space is to consider trying a shared space. Many businesses are joining others in the same office block and this can actually reduce overheads a lot. Companies like WeWork offer this kind of space and it might just be the solution to your problems. You’ll have shared facilities and you’ll still have your own space when you need it. This is something to consider in the coming year if you are planning on downsizing and need to find a new place to locate to.

Make changes today

As you can see, there are plenty of ways that you can cut down on your office space. Make sure to take on board some of the tips that we have given you in this article and see if they can help to make a difference. Once you have made these changes, you can start looking for a new place to run your business and you’ll find that you save a lot of money when you do.

Try to offer flexible working and don’t forget to store your data online at a colocation centre. This way, you’ll find that you have plenty more space in the coming year.