3 simple tips to make your small business stand out

Small businesses lifespan can be short. So it’s crucial to do everything you can to secure your spot in a market or niche. This means you must be willing to put forth the effort to make your small business brand stand out from the crowd. 

While there are many services online that will help you to stay ahead of the competition, there are also plenty of little adjustments you can do yourself. Here are some of the best ways to make your small business stand out in the marketplace.

small business stand out1. Have a rewards platform

As a small business, it can be hard to keep a loyal customer base. One of the best ways to encourage people to either stick around or have them become repeat customers is to offer a rewards program.

Having an incentive to return can come in many different forms. Check out some of these excellent reward options:

  • Points-based system: Lets people accrue points and spend their credit accordingly.
  • Refer a friend option: Offers a reward for every friend a customer refers
  • Punch card system: Gives people a tangible way to have a calling card punched when they revisit, with the prize being at the end.

In general, a rewards system will improve customer retention and loyalty in many ways. From first time visitors to established customers, people want a reason to shop with a particular brand. In incentivizing the money they spend at your shop, you’re encouraging brand loyalty, customer happiness, and awareness.

2. Have an offer buyers can’t refuse

Another way to set yourself apart is to create a single offer or product and make that your flagship item.

By focusing your marketing towards one major endeavor, you will stimulate recognition between your business and said offer. It can also be a more lucrative path, as this tactic allows you to hyper-focus your marketing budget and efforts.

If your flagship item is a hit among customers, you now have the option to show off other products or services in your offering. The most important part of this strategy is to make the flagship offer something that will drive attention and will ensure that people are interested enough to check out your business. Once they’re aware of your product and brand, it means they can stimulate both income and buzz around what you’re offering.

3. Support a cause

People like to know that their purchase or investment supports a worthy cause. This is an approach that’s worked particularly well among the younger demographic.

It’s never been easier to support a cause with your business. Whether it’s working with a worldwide charity or helping a local ambition closer to home, the options are abundant. What’s most important is that you’re transparent with your audience with what their money will be supporting and that you document your contributions.

Transparency is also paramount because you want to not only make sure your buyers feel confident and comfortable buying from you but that you also keep them informed to prove you keep your promises.

Finally, supporting a cause is an excellent way to attract positive attention to your brand or business. And it makes customers feel invested in your ambition.


Building a brand and getting a foothold in a competitive market can be one of the hardest parts of owning a small business.

Once you’ve established your brand concept and are up and running, these tips can help your small business stand out in a vast marketplace. Not only can these small changes affect how people respond to your company, but they can steer the course for the amount of money your business makes.