Comparison of MAG420 and Xiaomi Mi Box

Analog television is a relic of the past. Today, IP-based TV brings an incredible quality of picture and sound. MAG420 produced by Infomir is a powerful yet affordable device providing access to IPTV and OTT content. It is capable of reproducing a 4K video with 60 fps without overburdening your network.

Here is a look at the main benefits of the gadget in comparison with its closest rival — Xiaomi Mi Box. You can find the whole list of specifications on with competitive advantages highlighted. MAG420 delivers crystal clear picture and pure surround sound. But is it the ultimate winner?

MAG420Package contents

While the Xiaomi box comes with a laughably short HDMI cable (merely 1 meter in length), Infomir produces models with cables as long as 3 meters.

Besides, there are no batteries in the Xiaomi package. MAG420, however, comes with two AAA batteries included.

Initial setup

A major downside of the Xiaomi Mi Box is the inconvenient and lengthy initial adjustment. Customer feedback points to its overly complex nature. This is annoying for both newbies and experienced users alike. For instance, you need to search for the right language settings and set up the input language separately on the menu.

The procedure for the Infomir product is noticeably easier. First, the remote is connected. Next, trimming is set and the standard Google setup wizard appears on the screen. Language is chosen in the very first window displayed.

Remote control

A common concern of Xiaomi users is remote control issues. When the device is first switched on, it takes the remote around 30-40 seconds to start working, and later, on the lagging period is up to 20 seconds.

MAG420Customers complain about their remotes switching off unexpectedly during use, which is only solved via device reboot. The developers have acknowledged the problem and it is being worked on. Meanwhile, the remote to MAG420 has been reported to work without interruptions.


Another notable disadvantage of the Xiaomi product is the absence of an Ethernet port. The connection to the Internet is often unstable. MAG420 comes with an Ethernet 100 Mbps interface.

USB ports

MAG420 has two types of USB ports: 2.0 and 3.0. The Xiaomi box has just one port of the 2.0 generation.


The Xiaomi Box has no inbuilt file manager to work with external memory storages. MAG420, on the other hand, comes with a pre-installed application for the purpose.

No browser

The absence of any browser for web surfing is characteristic of both models. However, it must be understood that this function is considered by developers as largely redundant.

The devices work with multimedia and games. Nevertheless, MAG developers are planning to equip their products with Magic Browser in the future.


Both devices allow Bluetooth connection of keyboards, joysticks, etc.