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Improve energy efficiency with new sash windows

In any home or property, one of the most important things to be aware of today is energy efficiency.

For modern build properties, this is less of a concern as insulation is often provided to a decent standard. For older buildings that feature sash windows – which are typically classed as period properties – finding ways to improve energy efficiency is a must.

sash windowsNot only will improving energy efficiency save money in the long run by lowering energy bills but in today’s environmentally conscious world it also helps to reduce carbon emissions.

Below we’ll explain how to improve energy efficiency with sash windows to help you get the most out of your home.

New sash windows with long-lasting materials

The use of uPVC windows has become more popular over the past couple of decades due to its cost-effectiveness. However, it should not be forgotten that timber is a naturally insulating material that offers great protection during the colder months.

That means when installing new sash windows with double glazing you instantly increase the insulation levels within your property.

In more recent years, it is becoming more common for new house builds to install modern Velux skylight windows as standard to get the most out of the Sun’s free energy and light.

One fact also usually overlooked when it comes to choosing the right window material for your property is that timber is far more durable than uPVC. In many cases, installation companies will provide a longer warranty on timber sash windows compared to uPVC alternatives.

As a natural material timber can withstand the elements better than synthetic materials. Over time, uPVC can start to discolor, which can lower the value of the property and mean they have to be replaced much sooner than timber sash windows.

More maintenance is required with timber windows, but by choosing the right repair company they can be kept in great condition for a number of decades. If you choose to install new double glazed sash windows not only will it uphold the original architecture of the building and improve energy efficiency, but also maintain the property value for years to come.

Some people still believe that the only way to improve energy efficiency in their homes is to remove the original windows and replace them with new synthetic materials. This is definitely not true and you can have the best of both worlds by installing new timber sash windows that have double glazing, rather than ditching them completely. If it’s too costly, you can apply for a free windows grant from the government and use that budget for improving something else.

With secure fastenings and locks

One of the most vulnerable places in any home is the windows. Not just in terms of security but also when it comes to heat loss. The average home loses around 10% of its heat through the windows, which is often due to poor insulation and lack of protection to stop the drafts coming into the home.

To the naked eye, it may not seem like much, but the smallest of gaps in any window frame will let in a draught that not only makes the room colder but allows heat to escape quickly.

Aside from the draught-proofing that can be added onto existing sash windows, one of the best ways to instantly reduce the amount of heat loss is to install new fastenings and locks.

Investing in new fastenings and locks can help to seal these small gaps and help reduce your energy bills. In many cases, the mechanisms on original windows will deteriorate over time and need replacing to ensure the property remains secure.

It is also worth updating the locks on your home around every 5-10 years. This is because new and safer technology is being developed all the time and changing the locks will keep your home warm – and just as importantly – safer for much longer.

Add an additional level of sound-proofing

Soundproofing your sash windows is a great way to increase the levels of comfort available to you at home. Many homeowners tend to consider soundproofing as a way to block out noise interference if they are living in the pathway of a nearby airport, on a busy road, or near noisy neighbours.

In addition, soundproofing your windows also means you instantly improve the energy efficiency of the property. Air infiltration into your home is dramatically reduced as a result, cutting out draughts which means your heating system is required to do less work to compensate when turned on.

Convection levels are also lowered, which is when energy is transferred from one place to another, and in this scenario, it relates to warm air escaping through the windows to the outside. Again, stopping this from occurring has a hugely positive impact on your heating bill, saving you money in the long run.

Installing soundproofing will also reduce the amount of radiation – or the emission of unwanted solar heat – into the room during the hotter months of the year. There are options to use e-glass, which stops heat radiation in the summer while ensuring heat still arrives during the winter.

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