How to find business banking app that actually fits?

Banking apps are an integral part of how businesses run nowadays. Every business involves a set of activities like making calls, receiving visitors, marketing of products or services, travelling, and so much more.

To say that you can run an entire business from the confines of your offices for walls would be a lie. Business banking apps help cultivate flexibility in how business owners conduct transactions and monitor their finances.

business bankingWith a good banking app, you can deposit checks, pay your vendors, track payroll, move money from one account to another, manage cash, and conduct transactions at any time and in any place. Banking apps make it possible for you to address urgent financial issues promptly without having to go all the way to the bank. Business banking apps have played a huge role in curtailing fraud cases and online theft. This because it only takes a few seconds to confirm and countercheck details whenever the need arises.

As a person who runs a serious business, you need a reliable, functional banking app that suits all your needs and serves different purposes. So how do you make sure you end up choosing the right one? Here are a few tips on how to find a business banking app that actually fits.


If the rising cyber-crime and fraud cases are anything to go by, it is quite evident that there’s a need for a business banking app with strict mobile banking security. Weak security can put your business’s private information and customer’s personal information at risk. To keep this information from getting into the wrong hands, you need a banking app that comes with the necessary protections. This including fraud detection, token authentication, identity verification, and out of band authentication, among other features.

With such security features, you can maintain privacy, protect transactions, and arrest potential fraud or cybercrime attempts. On the other hand, you, as the business executive, are tasked with making sure that few employees have access to the mobile business banking app.

Mobile/smart phone functionality

Business mobile banking apps are slightly different from retail banking apps. The right business banking app for you will have basic functions such as transaction alerts, account reviews, statement access, money movement, card control, and remote deposit capture. There are numerous other features you can get out of your banking app. But at the very least, the app should come with the mentioned features.

With such functions, you have the freedom to operate and monitor your finances from wherever you are irrespective of time. No need to worry about banking hours. No more having to abandon your business duties to visit your bank physically.

Business-specific support

Aside from the traditional banking app features, you need a business banking app that offers more to support your business operations. Find an app that offers features and tools like cash management reporting, sub-user management, and ACH origination.

With such support functions, you can effortlessly and quickly access crucial financial information regarding the position of your company and manage and track cash flow in your business.

Integrate different banking channels

Typically, a business banking app is like a normal bank account only that this time it’s on your phone. It, therefore, makes sense to find a banking app that doesn’t limit you from interacting with normal bank functions.

Amaiz business banking prices on the banking app match those of a normal bank account too. You can expect the same user experience and have access to the same data on your app, just as you would your bank account.

You should barely be able to tell the difference in consistency and quality of service between your banking app and other banking channels. The ability to use a single source code to run all your management and financial duties is every business owner’s dream.

Why your business needs a mobile business banking app

Entrepreneurs, sole traders, freelancers, self-employed contractors are only a few of the many business executives that could use a business banking app with the above-listed features. It plays a significant role in ensuring you have an easy time managing functions and processing transactions.

Amaiz offers a fully operational mobile banking service app with all the tools needed to conduct business efficiently. If you are scouting for a reliable business banking app, you are probably wondering what you stand to gain. So here are some of the benefits you can expect by using our banking app.

Unlimited accountancy support

Should you have questions and inquiries you need promptly addressed, you can rely on our general accountancy support team to come to your aid. They can help assist you with bookkeeping and direct debit management, among other support functions.

Banking on the go

Enjoy the convenience of managing your account right from your app. Whether you are in a meeting or travelling for business or leisure, it will only take you a couple of clicks to confirm and see what transactions are taking place and generally monitor how your business is doing.

Delight in faster transactions in and out of your account or freeze and unfreeze a card with a single tap.

Advanced security

With voice authentication and card freezing functions, you can keep prying hands or eyes from accessing your business account. With our business banking app, your personal and customer information is safe.

Convenient money management

Banking apps regularly send you reports and charts to update you on your finances. This way, you can monitor cash flow and get insight into your spending trends. With our banking app, you conveniently have a clear view of all your business ongoings.

Simple invoicing functions

Many are the times you will need to send or process an invoice. No need to head to the bank for that. With a business banking app, you have customisable templates at your disposal, which you can use to draft invoices. You also have invoice status tracking functions to see what has already been settled and what is still pending.

Access to round the clock customer care

Are you unable to find specific features or access certain services? Don’t waste time going round in circles; call our customer care reps and get instant solutions to your banking problems. Our banking app has an in-app chat that you could use to reach out to customer care. You are also free to make a phone call or send an email to get quality assistance.

No doubt, a business banking app is a must have for every serious business owner. It enhances your experience and saves time. With a reliable business banking app, you have guaranteed consistency, efficiency, and confidence in conducting financial transactions.

If you were at all sceptical about getting yourself a banking app, above are valid reasons why you need it and how you stand to benefit from it. Get yourself a good banking app and enjoy freedom like never before.