The best pompadour hairstyle combinations this year

In the early days of its inception, a pompadour comprised of short hair at the back and the sides. The hair at the top was swept to enhance height, and it was slicked or swept back. However, since then, this hairstyle has witnessed serious transformations that integrate modern tweaks while still embracing its enigmatic flair.

Nowadays, the modern pomp comprises of medium hair that is accompanied by either medium or high fade. Even with that, it doesn’t mean that the fade ought to be by any chance override the hair on too. This ensures there is a flawless transition of the hair at the crown area, down to the manes on the sides. Otherwise, you can choose to scissor-cut the hair and then comb it back using a hair styling product. The outcome is a pompadour haircut that is impeccably styled to avoid angular features.

Pompadour hairstyle1. Top

a. Shorter, tamed top

This is usually by combining the pomp and the crew cut. It is the contemporary approach that can merge perfectly well into a traditional environment. It allows you to delicately create statement for yourself with well-styled pomp without looking too overstated or unique.

b. Extended and voluminous trolled back

Taking its inspiration from the 1960s conservative pompadour haircut, this ridiculously high upkeep style has made it through to wall the ups and downs of the hairstyling industry. This haircut needs a lot of hard work with the use of high-quality styling air products and a brush to ensure that the style is composite.

c. Pompadour with a comb over

By merging your comb-over with a pompadour haircut like on Pinterest, you get a chance to reveal a lot of volume by using less hair products and management. It is great to have a hairstyle that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance and uses less hair products during styling.

d. Pomp faux cut

This is an excellent approach to styling pomp that contemporised the style. The main aim here is to bring together the pompadour with the faux cut and come up with a crisp and edgy haircut.

e. Bumpy, shaggy top

By incorporating depth to the hair at the crown with a muddled texture, you come up with a low-upkeep pompadour style. Remember that, however, that this is extended modern pomp.

2. The sides

a. Scissor trimmed cut

The scissor-trimmed sides are typically extended to allow you to comb or brush the hair on the sides. The hair at the nape is usually obstructed, so the manes along the ridges and crown combine to offer the styling a unified change. This is suitable for more typical and shaggy styles and needs only a few trips to the barber every month.

b. Meek, smooth fade taper

A perfectly-restrained taper as this matches pretty well with short and tamed hair on top. It is a classic look of the 1960s and remains common among men. The sides are suitable for most events and don’t give you a more stand out look.

c. Solid side part, mid-fade

Though you might not like it for being too unique and easily noticeable, the hard side has something that might make you change your perception. The look is quite an outbound finish that finishes any look and gives a modern look to it.

d. Aggressive undercut

When you pair an antagonistic undercut with a pompadour, you get a voluminous hairstyle that is a real centrepiece. A perfectly-defined undercut makes the demarcation between the sides and the top, often enhancing the volume at the top and making the hair fall back. It makes the different portions of your hair stand out with a shaped finish, hence allowing you to concentrate your efforts only on keeping the pompadour itself.

3. Maintenance of pompadour hairstyle

Pompadour hairstyle is a high maintenance hairstyle since it requires regular trimmings and styling to keep it looking great. Some natural occurrences, such as gravity and window, are regular problems that may through your pomp haircut in peril. However, the best thing about the pomp is that it doesn’t need a lot of styling products to style and keep. As such, you don’t always have to have a bad hair day.