3 online businesses you should consider investing in for 2020

Online businesses have grown massively over the last ten years. More and more companies have started to pop up that only operate within the online sphere.

There is a large number of reasons for this, but the main ones are based around financial reasons. Firstly, there is no need to have to pay out huge sums in rent when operating online businesses. There will be some rental costs, but they will be a lot lower. Secondly, a lot of actions can be automated which will significantly lower employee costs.

online businessesSo with so many of them appearing, which ones are the best for you to spend your money to invest in?

Online betting

Online betting is possibly the fastest growing online market there is. There are more and more betting websites appearing by the month. There is good reason for this, it’s because the demand is constantly increasing. Lots of people are seeing that online betting websites are the easiest way to access a casino or bookmaker. As such, the increased demand means that there is plenty of room within the industry for investing in betting sites like BettingTop10 for example. Finding new betting sites to invest in is incredibly easy and gives you a fantastic chance of a good ROI. As with any investment, it’s vital to carry out research before you jump in with both feet.


Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world. They make huge profits each year, you only have to look at the fortune of Jeff Bezos to see that, and they are diversifying into new markets all of the time. Over the Christmas period, they took their first steps into the world of Premier League broadcasting and the general consensus was that it was a complete success. Amazon is relatively safe for your money. While there are always risks associated with any investment, Amazon looks like it will provide stability for a long time to come.

Booking & travel

Another great source of income would be investing in Booking & Travel affiliate programs, or simply Expedia or other companies that are major players in the online travel industry. The booking industry have witnessed a major boost in the past five years, due to the affordability and ease of traveling, and doesn’t look like it’s about to slow down anytime soon.

Backing a friend?

In addition to our top 3 investment solutions, there are of course hundreds of other investment options, such as backing a friend or family member business idea. Quite often you will find that your friends or family members are starting online businesses. In this case, you could provide some investment to help them get on their feet. However, you should always be cautious with this. Make sure that their idea is a good one and that they have put in the requisite research in their chosen area. If your friend has the right idea then you could potentially be getting in on the ground floor of a highly successful business, this can be far more lucrative than trying to invest in an already successful company.

Making the right choice

There is a huge number of different options out there for investors. While betting sites and Amazon are probably the biggest options out there, you can also invest with smaller online businesses. Investing doesn’t always mean backing the big boys, it can mean researching what is out there and getting in on the ground floor. So before you make any investment, always make sure that you carry out plenty of research in order to grab the best chance of getting a good return.