Part-time income ideas for 2020

Although your full-time job may be rewarding, there’s always room for improvement and people who think that way generally search after side business ideas that won’t consume more than a few hours a day and will be flexible.

On the other hand, some will want to switch towards entrepreneurship, but need a stable income stream until the business will start to be profitable. No matter what side you are, we would like to talk about three of the part-time income ideas for 2020.

part-time incomeOnline courses

Did you know that the global e-learning is expected to post a compound annual growth rate of over 10% by 2023? Digital learning resources are trending because the traditional education system is not able to keep the pace with the latest requirements. If you’re already learned to master a skill and you are good at it, creating an online course would be a great idea.

You can design the course at your own pace since there’s no deadline or boss imposing restrictions. See what are similar courses are available online and if you think you can make a difference, give it a try! Digital learning materials offer a high profit margin, estimated at around 20% and selling them is easier now with platforms like Udemy.

Graphic design

Having graphic design skills is definitely going to be helpful if you’re searching for a part-time income idea in 2020. Do you know to use Adobe Illustrator and tools like Stencil or Visme? You could a lot of interesting things, like designing and selling images on platforms like Etsy. There are plenty of startups or small businesses that look for people able to design and alter images.

For starters who want to learn some basic information, books like Graphic Design School or Steal like an Artist are two great resources to start with.

Affiliate marketing

Another activity fit for a part-time income stream is affiliate marketing. Becoming a forex affiliate, selling ClickBank products, or joining any other affiliate program represent one of the choices people make when it comes to starting to generate income online. It does not require any capital, but plenty of research is necessary.

Finding the right niche and reaching the appropriate audience are the biggest challenges an affiliate marketer must overcome. However, since there are plenty of people with proven results, that means it’s possible to do it. The main thing to do is to focus on products/services that provide added value to customers.