3 simple ways to spruce up your office exterior

As 2020 creakily cranks into gear, prepare to be assaulted by an array of articles packed with outlandish claims about how transforming your office interior into an adult playpen stuffed with beanbags, games consoles, slides and hoverboards will turn you into a millionaire in a matter of minutes.

While refurbishing inside your office so that it’s comfy and practical probably can make a difference to staff motivation and productivity, don’t forget that the first impression of your office exterior is formed before anyone even steps through your door.

office exteriorAnd if the approach to your office is dirtier and more death-defyingly dangerous than a wet weekend in Wadduwa spent whispering to wild animals with Bear Grylls, anyone who actually finds it is likely to be so traumatised by the time they arrive that they’ll need a stiff drink before being wrapped up in a tinfoil blanket and evacuated via helicopter. As a business strategy, this is frighteningly expensive as well as completely futile.

With that in mind, here are three simple ways to spruce up your office exterior – enjoy!

1. Automatic doors

Don’t underestimate how important an office front door is – apart from the obvious fact that without it customers will have to crawl through a window, it’s got to be fit for purpose.

If it looks dull and nondescript, customers can confuse it with a residential property, while if it’s too heavy they might struggle to open it at all – especially if they’re frail and elderly.

Your best bet is a swish sliding system from automatic door experts like Shopfront Scotland – it’s the perfect blend of sublime style and fantastic functionality.

2. Artificial grass

If there’s a long approach from the roadside to your premises, landscaping always creates a cracking impression for visitors.

But if you want undulating mounds or formal floral gardens, they require professional design and installation plus a whole heap of upkeep – which can make them prohibitively expensive.

Better to bag some low-maintenance greenery from artificial grass gurus Bold As Grass – it looks good, feels great and will last for years.

3. Gravel footpaths

When your corporate campus is fairly extensive, visitors might have a couple of minutes’ walk between the carpark and main building – but if that involves bushwhacking through rough terrain, they’ll not only ruin their shoes but also trail dirt and detritus into your office.

However, installing a footpath with materials from decorative gravel specialists Marchington Stone solves this problem perfectly – it’ll look great, feel comfortable underfoot and enhance the overall design of your premises.

This hattrick of exterior design tips will delight employees and clients alike, so don’t be surprised if your office atmosphere improves significantly once they’re implemented.

With a well-appointed corporate interior and exterior, you’ve got the double-whammy needed for your business to operate with complete confidence.