Lower back pain issues: Change your chair

Lower back pain is one of the most common problems that a lot of people are experiencing. This is something that cannot be avoided because of different reasons including the tasks you do regularly.

Some would say that lower back pain is something that is age related but this can also be tied up to the things that you are doing every day. This is also the reason why you have to consider some ways on how you can avoid this. One of the best ways is to change your chair.

lower back painHow your body sits

The body also needs to rest. Whenever you are standing for a long time, you will notice how your feet and your hips would feel uncomfortable. With this, you have to consider sitting for few minutes to be able to rest. On the other hand, there are jobs that require people to sit in front of the computer for eight hours per day. This may also be a problem especially if you do not have time to at least take a break and walk for few minutes.

According to a certain study, when the body becomes accustomed to sitting, the hip flexor relaxes and it may have a negative effect on the body. The hip flexor is in charge of the process of moving the thigh towards your abdomen. It is also the one in charge of knee lifting. If a person is always sitting for long hours, the hip flexor becomes weak and shorter so Don’t wait for back pain to aggravate! Just check for office chairs under 200 and get rid of it right away.

When body meets chair

The quality of the chair is something that determines comfort whenever you are seated. When the body meets the chair as a person sits, the body can be greatly affected if the chair is not made in accordance to the needs of the individual. You will notice how back pain starts whenever you are sitting in an uncomfortable chair. This is because your body structure and your weight demand a certain chair that can provide you with comfort and maintain your posture.

Causes of lower back pain

For people who are experiencing lower back pain, the symptoms also vary. For other people, they experience muscle pain that may extend down to the leg. It can also be characterized by a stabbing and shooting pain. As you bend, lift or walk, the pain becomes worse. For better understanding, here are the most common reasons for lower back pain:

Excess body weight

One of the main causes of lower back pain is excess body weight. Whenever you are gaining weight, you also have to think of the effect on your lower back. If you have gained weight and suddenly started feeling pain at the lower back part, you have to consider options that will help you lose weight.

Improper way of lifting

The tasks that you are regularly doing can be another cause of lower back pain. There is a proper way of lifting but most people do not follow it. You have to lift with your knees bent because if not, you will be putting all the weight on your hips and this can gravely affect your back. This may cause muscle or ligament strain. This can also greatly affect you if you are not in a good physical condition and you still repeatedly lift heavy things.


Smoking does not only affect the lungs. It can also be one of the reasons why you are experiencing lower back pain. This is because its effects on the blood flow. It has been proven that smoking can reduce the blood flow in the lower spine. With this, the nutrients that are supposed to be delivered to the disk located at your back are also affected.

Lack of exercise

For most people who are busy working in front of the computer, the most common reason why they experience back pain is lack of exercise. When you find yourself busy doing a lot of work and you are only seated for most of the time, you will certainly expected to experience back pain.

Diseases and other related conditions

Aside from the things that were mentioned, you should also know that back pain can be a symptom for another disease or other related conditions. For example, osteoarthritis is a condition that narrows the space around your spinal cord and directly affects your lower back. There are also types of cancer that contribute to back pain.

Why the correct chair is important

Now that the different causes of lower back pain has been mentioned, the next you should be thinking about is the importance of a correct chair in lessening the pain. Just try to imagine yourself seated in front of your desk with a stiff and uncomfortable. Aside from the fact that you will not be able to concentrate and work effectively, you will also feel that pain starting to build up on your back

Here are the different reasons why correct chair is important: 

Proper back support

There is a proper way to sit and this should be properly supported by the chair. You should sit uprightly with your back comfortably leaning against the chair. For most people, they would use a pillow and put it in between the lower back and chair. The best thing that you can do is to choose the correct chair that is comfortable and can still provide you with the proper back support even while you are busy working. This is what some office chairs under 200 can provide.

Pelvis and hip alignment

The hip is the one that is tasked to provide support and stability to the body. It is what joins the pelvis and the bones. When you sit in an uncomfortable chair, this part and including your hip will be affected. With the right office chair, you will certainly be sure that you will be able to provide support to your hip and pelvis. This provides proper alignment.


Whenever we sit, we usually slouch and stay in a lazy position. You hold your phone and slouch in a chair for hours. You work on your laptop and stay in a position that harms your lower back. Slouching can have negative effects to your back and this is the reason why most people are experiencing temporary pains in the lower back and the hip part. A good chair will let you sit comfortably without slouching. This is something that you need to be able to learn how to avoid slouching. If the chair is comfortable, you do not have to settle to a position that will be bad for your lower back.

Forward head position

When you are reading or watching something, there are times when you would find yourself in a forward head position. This is a position that does not only affect your overall posture but also makes you feel pain in the back to the shoulders. A good chair can help you correct forward head position. These specific types of chair will provide you with a definite way to correct your posture without making you feel uncomfortable. 

Repetitive trunk flexion

When you are simultaneously doing forward pelvic tilt and this is coupled by spine flexion, you will certainly experience back pain due to repetitive trunk flexion. This is something that results from the inappropriate way we sit. Aside from exercises that will provide you with the right way to stretch your lower back, you should also get the best chair that is made or adjusted for your exact need.


Finally, one of the most important reasons why you need to get a good chair is comfort. Just try to imagine how you feel with a hard and straight chair. It can actually lead to unproductivity. You will find yourself constantly wanting to stand or you can just slouch. Comfort leads to higher productivity and it will also help you avoid pain. A more comfortable chair is something that is designed according to the needs of the body.

As you do your job or just relax, you have to choose the right chair. This is a perfect way to start or end your day. At the office, there will always be times when you would feel unmotivated to work and sometimes, this is something that results from discomfort. You will spend most of your days working and this is why you have to choose the right tools. A chair you should be using must have the quality and function that can be adjusted according to your specific posture needs and your weight.

If you are a manager or a business owner, you should look after your employees. Most people will definitely consider being in a company where the manager or the owner cares for the people who work for them. Investing on a good chair that will make them feel more comfortable and maintain their posture will surely be a great way to start. Remember that back pain may affect not just the health of people but also their productivity.