A good investment in quality workwear makes sound business sense

Businesses invest and reinvest in company workwear. Depending on the industry, you should try and invest in the best your budget allows. This encourages the workforce and sends a positive message to staff.

Given that you are buying quality, the acquired workwear will be more durable and last longer. This avoids the false economy scenario in which clothes and accessories need to be replaced constantly.

quality workwearMany businesses are using a vendor such as engelbert strauss. They provide quality clothing that will outlast much of their competition. They offer an extensive assortment of workwear to suit many industries, including some of the most demanding such as the building trade.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the benefits of investing in quality workwear.

Value for money

Initially, it might seem more cost-efficient to purchase low cost workwear for your teams. This often results in poorly made clothes that are simply unfit for its purpose. This causes issues, from damaging staff morale, to creating legal complications should the workwear be found at fault, and an injury is suffered by one of your employees as a result.

An investment in good workwear, which is up to specs, not only avoids legal issues but sends a positive message to your teams that they are valued and play a vital role in the success of your business.

Keeping morale high

For a business to thrive, morale amongst your workforce needs to be mediocre at least. Unhappy and/or disgruntled employees can cost a business financial and motivational problems. Thereby a motivated workforce can lose its desire to work, sick leaves may increase in time and duration and staff retention rates will take a hit. It is worth noting that the UK has an employee engagement deficit according to Engage for Success.

No one thing can drive the worst-case scenario. It tends to be driven by a range of attitudes and beliefs. Should business morale be at a low level and you provide substandard workwear, it could lead to drastic declines in workforce motivation.

Conversely, if you invest in quality workwear that fits better, that clearly represents a substantial investment, you send out a message that each staff member is highly valued and appreciated. This helps to keep the machine well oiled and can represent a turnaround in morale if you fear it is a little dilapidated.

Avoid legal issues

Legal issues are time consuming and costly. From a safety perspective, every piece of workwear you provide must comply with the required safety ratings, and it must be regularly checked and replaced if needed.

Consider the following scenario: High visibility coats are given to employees that need it. If it isn’t checked and the neon strips become faded, and the employee is hurt as a result, the company is liable for the damages. This could cost the company a substantial amount in  compensations as well as the damage caused to the company reputation.

High quality workwear in combination with a robust health and safety policy eliminates these issues and their consequences completely. Investments into durable and superior workwear will make your workforce more safe and productive.