How to say “I love you” this Valentine’s Day

They say that life is not about the number of breaths you take but the number of moments that take your breath away.

Valentine’s Day is one of the best opportunities to create this element of surprise and to say “I love you” to your beloved, to show them how much you appreciate their crazy business venture despite sleepless nights and the lack of coffee left for you in the morning. You may want to thank your Valentine for their support of you, so here are some ways to say “I love you” this Valentine’s Day without roses and chocolates and plush teddy bears.

business lovePlanning guide

If at the beginning of the year, one of your sweetheart’s resolutions was to make a business out of her craft hobby, professional skill or other learning, this may be the perfect time to consider a couple of surprise gifts for her that can go from practical to romantic in one easy step. If she’s looking to grow her business, but struggling to stay self-motivated, even though passionate about her work, have a look at a productivity planner to help her stay on task. She may already have looked at some solutions, so check out her wish-list on Amazon for any clues.

Relax and reconnect

Whilst it’s great to be your own boss, it’s important to take time away from it all. A vacation is not always possible, at least in the early days, but a gift of a couples’ massage at a luxury spa could be just what is needed to relax and reconnect. This is a gentle reminder that good health and reduced stress is important to having a successful business that continues to be enjoyable.

You could also consider tickets to follow their favourite sports team, dance to their favourite band or watch a drama unfold on the stage. By gifting these experiences, it may be that you can incorporate them into your life together at other times of the year, on other special dates, but also as a spontaneous “I love you” gift.


Many of the most successful people in business, from Bill Gates to Warren Buffet, read several books throughout the year to help them keep on top of their game. Choose a book to motivate your Valentine, either with a practical step-by-step guide in a particular area in which they want to change and grow, or a selection of unusual success stories, such as how entrepreneur Andy Schneider turned his hobby of raising chickens into a highly successful podcast, quarterly magazine, radio show and book.

Magazine subscription

There are magazines that cover every topic imaginable. Some of these are only available online whilst others can be mailed directly to your Valentine. Giving a subscription to a magazine that is linked with an interest or hobby, not necessarily linked with their work, will encourage them to continue with other interests without being fully consumed in their own business activities.


If your Valentine travels a lot, consider a pair of noise-cancelling headphones so that they can relax to their favourite music or listen to podcasts or audiobooks by their favourite authors. If your sweetheart is writing a book, look at gifting some audio software that will make the process both simpler and faster than typing. If you have the skill, you can draw up designs for their brand logo to be used on social media accounts as well as invoices and receipts. Putting in some effort of your own to help your loved one is a precious gift idea.