Why you should use hardwood flooring to reinvigorate the office

Hardwood flooring looks incredible. There is no getting past it. When you walk into a room that has the beautiful natural grain running through it, you cannot help but be impressed.

As impressive as it is in a house, hardwood flooring is equally remarkable in an office. However, there is nothing worse than to seeing the wear and tear of constant use on any type of flooring.

hardwood flooringIn an office this problem can be multiplied with the number of employees sitting in their back supporting office chairs. Rolling around at their desks, running back and forwards to the copy, or coffee, machine. An office floor needs to be hard wearing. Enough to cope with constant use of employees wearing shoes, walking around eight hours a day.

This is where engineered wood flooring comes in. An engineered hardwood flooring will give the impact of a perfectly fitting wood flooring. It retains the elegance of a wood flooring but is much more durable than non-engineered wood.

So, here are 3 reasons why you should use hardwood flooring as a way in reinvigorate your office.

Long lasting

The first thing we should discuss when it comes to hardwood flooring is the durability. Being a natural material like wood, you would think it is easily damaged but it is very flexible. Expanding and contracting with the heat and cold you need to get it properly fitted to avoid any potential damage. Flexibility enables the floor to minimise any damage that is done by inconsiderate employees. Small amounts of damage can be buffered out, or most other damage can be re-treated with minimum effort.

Due to the hard wearing nature of an engineered wood floor a high footfall should not cause any damage. As long as you put the effort into regular maintenance hardwood flooring will last you many years, regardless of the footfall.

Easy to clean

A spillage in the office is a normal everyday occurrence. We all get distracted by an email or notification when reaching for our coffee cup in the morning. There is nothing better for waking someone up than a spilled coffee. With a carpet floor the reminder of that one distracted moment can be with us for years. This is not a problem with hardwood flooring.

Hardwood flooring is probably one of the best types of flooring when it comes to cleanliness. Spilled water just sits on the surface and is easily absorbed with no damage to the wood. Just be careful when it is wet as it can become very slippery and you do not want your business to be in a situation to pay out compensation to an injured employee.

Hardwood flooring is visually appealing

New business is difficult to find, and even more difficult to keep. The one thing that hardwood floor does that no other types of flooring can is impress visitors and clients.

Hardwood flooring is the ‘wow’ factor. It looks seriously impressive when fitted right. It is hard not to be impressed when you can see that an office is decked out with a wood flooring. It is a classic look that will never go out of fashion and gives a certain sense of opulence that only real wood can bring. They will also see that you know how to treat your clients and feel that the appearance of your office matters to you, as well as what your clients think.

The atmosphere of your office is not only valuable for clients but for employees as well. Hardwood flooring creates a comforting environment where your employees can be relaxed, motivated to work and creative all at the same time. No other type of flooring has this effect.

There you have it, 3 reasons why you should consider hardwood flooring to reinvigorate your office. Be sure to keep it properly cleaned and you are certainly onto a winner!