Keeping your business signage up to date

In business, every little thing matters. It is those small things that tend to get neglected that can catch you out.

For example, understandably, most business owners do not make keeping their signage up to date a priority. It is only when they fail a safety inspection because they have some missing that they realise that they actually do need to do so.

signage up to dateYet it would have only taken them a few minutes to order the right signs from mydoor sign, or a similar firm, and put them up. 

Regularly carry out a signage audit

Keeping your signage up to date is not difficult. The best way to do it is to periodically audit what you have and compare it with what you need.

Working out what is required

Keeping up with the regulations will enable you to work out what type of signage your company needs. You certainly want to have the health and safety signs in place, so keep a close eye on those regulations. Do the same with any other rules that impact your business. Each time you review them, think about signage. 

For example, in some countries, if you are a garage owner, you are required to have a fire extinguisher placed every 15 meters, along each wall. That is a lot of extinguishers and each one of those needs to have a sign. 

It is also worth periodically taking a critical look at your workspaces and sales areas. Walk around them and ask yourself what is missing? Basically, what you are looking for is situations where a sign would prove to be helpful. For example, help building occupants to navigate their way around a space. Or, to remind them of something important. 

Creating a checklist

Checklists can be helpful in a couple of ways. They certainly make the auditing process easier. As well as help to ensure that nothing is missed. But perhaps, more importantly, they are an excellent way of proving that you have carried out an audit of your signage. This enables you to demonstrate that you take things like health and safety seriously.

Keeping track of what you have

Of course, a checklist will also help you to keep track of what you have in the way of signage. This is quite important because it helps with keeping your signage up to date and in good condition. There is no point in a sign being up if it is not legible. So, when you carry out your audit, you are doing more than ensuring that the relevant signs are in place. You are also making sure that they are clean, visible and intact and that the signs in areas, that are rarely visited, like the basement, are not missed. 

Keep your signage checklist up to date

But a checklist will only help if you keep it up to date. So, every time you buy a new sign add it to the list. Do the same when a regulation changes and you need to put an additional one up.

As you can see keeping your signage up to date is not difficult. Now all you need to do is to find the time to do it, which, as every business owner knows, is the tricky bit.