New Year, new you? Why a divorce can revitalise your career

Divorce and separation can have a significant influence on both your personal and professional life. When it comes to the latter, most are aware of its negative impact, but for some, a divorce or separation provides a much-needed clean slate that can inject new life into their career.

In this post, we discuss the divorce process and highlight how it can be the catalyst for finding new avenues of success in your professional life and revitalise your career. 
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An unhappy marriage is bad for business

For one reason or another, lots of married couples remain in unhappy relationships — often to protect their children from the potential trauma of divorce or to avoid the expense it incurs. Unfortunately, staying in an unhappy marriage can chip away at your motivation and morale on a daily basis, and these are essential for a happy and successful career.

While there’s no doubt that the divorce process is challenging for everyone involved, the sense of relief and freedom of leaving an unhappy marriage could be the spark you need to get your career back on track or climb to new heights. Divorce can be very messy, if you are located in Texas, might as well hire a child custody attorney houston can offer.

A difficult marriage can impact your career in many ways, and most don’t realise this until after they get divorced. While divorce is tough, post-divorce life is a time for reflection and seeking happiness and success.

Financial change can spur you on

In many cases, the most stressful and complex aspect of divorce and separation is the division of matrimonial assets. This is then followed by post-divorce life, where people have to contend with having less money at their disposal and adjusting to new living arrangements. While the natural assumption is that this situation would negatively impact your career — which it can — it can also motivate you to seek professional opportunities that allow you to earn more money.

If you’ve had the same job for a long time, it’s all too easy to get complacent and lack the motivation to pursue a senior role or a new business venture. Although the pressure of post-divorce financial stability isn’t the most pleasant motivational tool, it may well be the catalyst you need to seek better-paid roles in your sector or even a completely new job that offers a more exciting future.

Freedom breeds creativity

One of the most difficult aspects of a divorce is adjusting to being alone, but some see this as an opportunity to thrive. Relationships require time, effort, care and compromise, and they can put a strain on your career and vice-versa. Having the time to focus on yourself and what you want to do and achieve can be incredibly freeing.

This new-found freedom provides a brilliant opportunity to embrace a more creative approach to your career. Whether you do so in the workplace or use your free time to retrain and pursue something that you have a passion for, it’s clear that divorce doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom and can change your life for the better.

Divorce and separation can teach you a lot

You’ll often hear people say that they learnt a lot from their divorce. These tend to be things they discovered about themselves during such a difficult time, but the divorce process also provides an opportunity to absorb specialist knowledge from a legal professional. A bespoke family lawyer is not only a vital asset throughout the legal process, but they’ll also be a valuable resource when it comes to living your life post-divorce.

For example, during this challenging adjustment period, it’s essential to maintain financial stability and avoid the many stresses and distractions that come with money problems. Your family lawyer will be able to provide valuable advice and guidance on the best financial practices following a divorce, which will allow you to make informed financial decisions both personally and professionally and ensure you can enjoy your new-found freedom.

Clayton Miller is the co-founder and leading partner of KMJ Solicitors, a leading family law firm based in London. The team specialises in all areas of family law, including, divorce and separation, child law, prenuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements.