5 great ways to get your new brand seen this year

A survey conducted by global data and analytics experts Nielson confirmed something that you probably assumed was fact – that most people prefer to buy new products from brands already familiar to them (59%, to be precise). This is the power of a visible brand laid bare. Getting seen means retaining an audience.

So, whether your own audience is buying from you, buying into what you do or a little bit of both, getting seen and remaining visible is paramount. Here are 5 ways to get your brand out there this year.

new brand yearIt’s easy being green

In contrast to what Kermit the Frog mournfully sang all those years ago, making your brand green is easy. This by no means translates to rebranding with the hues of grass, reptiles and envy, but instead demonstrating that you and the people behind your brand are committed to helping the environment.

Yes, admittedly, everyone’s doing it – but that also means people love it, want it and even expect it. However, maybe the creative minds that concocted your brand could do it differently…

Become the authentic you

Creative Director of ArtVersion Interactive, Goran Paunovic, published on Forbes’ website about the key elements of an original brand: relevancy, authenticity and proof. Combined, these key elements make up what he calls ‘brand differentiation’ – a process of individualising yourself from your competitors, for your customers.

By following this three-step path to originality, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of what your brand is and how it will be perceived (or seen) by your audience.

Being more than a brand

Admittedly, it doesn’t make any sense to suggest that ‘a’ brand can be anything else. However, that’s where you come in. In a world that’s saturated with technology-driven living, people are missing out on a key facet of their emotional health – other people.

So, one way to guarantee that your brand will get seen and be remembered is to integrate that human touch that customers are crying out for. Whether it’s personalised content or stronger customer communications, make your people front and centre of your engagement with others.

Create multiple touchpoints

A great way to do this is to integrate a good mix of physical marketing mediums with all of your digital efforts. Quality printed materials, placed in the hands of your customers, will be more memorable than any advert or post that gets swiped past the digital screens of their mobile devices.

With advanced technology in printing, quality products like those by Duplo International put powerful print marketing capabilities into the hands of any brand.

Make customers part of the brand

Finally, one of the most effective ways to retain your customers is to let them in. By encouraging the production of user-generated content, your audience can show their own followers – on your behalf – what you do for them and why they adore your brand.

Ultimately, they are just as crucial to your brand as anything else, and you could make them even more vital as your new brand grows, thrives and flourishes throughout this year and the next.