Can you extend the range of Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a very important feature in any device because it offers you the power to broadcast devices that are secluded from you. You will listen to music, make and receive calls without victimizing wired connections to your phone or Bluetooth enabled headsets.

Bluetooth are literally making life a lot of easier and convenient but, the range in which some of the Bluetooth devices generally become limiting. A number of the devices have Bluetooth versions that can’t broadcast signal over thirty three feet. Latest versions that have Bluetooth 4.0 will extend their range and broadcast signals up to one hundred feet.

extend Bluetooth rangeBluetooth range extenders

For the case of restricted broadcasting range, a Bluetooth extender is often accustomed with advanced range. Once you get the right Bluetooth range extender, it is possible that you can extend the signal quite considerably. Besides, there are things you need to consider when buying the best Bluetooth range extender. These include the type of extender, range, capabilities and much more.

A Bluetooth range extender can be defined as a device that one can use to boost and extend the connectivity range of any Bluetooth device.

Types of Bluetooth range extenders

There primarily three categories of Bluetooth range extenders:

  1. Category 1 Bluetooth range extenders transmits at 100 mW with a range of 100m.
  2. Category 2 Bluetooth range extenders transmits at 2.5 mW with a range of 10 m. This is where most Bluetooth headphones and headsets lie.
  3. Category 3 Bluetooth range extenders transmits at 1 mW at a range of less than 10 meters.
  4. Category 4 devices are Bluetooth range extenders with a field range of ½ meter with a power consumption of 0.5 mW and have no limited widespread usage.

The latest Bluetooth 5.0 will offer a range of up to 800 feet. This is solely potential when there are no obstructions like walls, metallic doors and alternative barriers. A Bluetooth extender will assist  you overcome such issues.

Best Bluetooth range extenders

The following may be a list of the most effective Bluetooth range extenders on the market you will select from:

TaoTronics Bluetooth 4.1 Transmitter & Receiver

TaoTronics is amongst the most effective Bluetooth range extenders that doesn’t need disconnection once you start charging it. It has a very simple set up and is compatible to a variety of Bluetooth devices together with TVs, iPods, etc. This can be achieved through the victimisation of 3.5 mm audio jack or RCA cable.

The device is both a receiver and transmitter and is a low literacy extender with Bluetooth 4.1 standard. The transmission thus has reduced lags and it will extend your Bluetooth range well, maintaining the signal strength of sound quality. The device features the latest technology with the adaption of aptX lowest latency.


  • It is a two in one device- Bluetooth receiver and transmitter.
  • It is capable of pairing to two Bluetooth devices at a similar time.
  • It is compatible with any 3.5 mm audio output jack.
  • Has exceptionally low acquirement.
  • Gives you most management over the music.
  • Can be used while it is being charged.
  • Has a good battery life.


  • Lagging can occur most often

Miccus New 160 – Long Range Bluetooth v 4.2 Transmitter

Miccus New RTX 2.0 is a versatile Bluetooth range extender that gives a protracted range with a compromising low acquirement. Besides, the device is greatly compatible and extremely affordable. The long Range Bluetooth v 4.2 Transmitter is amongst the devices with latest technology these days. It is capable of connecting to any device with a 3.5 mm audio output jack. It is compatible with most of Bluetooth devices and has twin Channel aptX Low Latency.


  • Has a really compact style and is powerful.
  • It is a Bluetooth 4.2 device
  • Has low acquirement.
  • Has a two year warrantee.
  • Provides a range of up to 160 feet/50 meters.
  • Compatible with TV and gaming devices.


  • Sometimes you can experience attenuated signals.

Avantre Oasis 164 ft. Long Range Bluetooth transmitter

With Avantre Oasis you get aptX Low Latency codec technology without experiencing slip sync delays that is seen with alternative Bluetooth range extenders. It has reduced audio-visual lag making it one of the most trusted range extender devices on the market. It is the most effective device you can use to enjoy video games and watch movies.


  • Features the bypass.
  • Reduces lag time.
  • Has aptX Low Latency codec.
  • Compatible with all 3.5 mm audio jacks and alternative optical inputs
  • Features associate antenna.
  • Has a two year warrantee.
  • The most effective device you can use to watch movies and play video games.


  • It is cheaply made.

TRAKK ACTIV Bluetooth Bike Speaker

This device is the most effective Bluetooth range extender designed for bikes. It is very portable and designed to suit out of doors adventures. It is very sturdy and compact to resist hostile weather and impact.

Besides, the device provides a Bluetooth range of up to one hundred feet. It features a bike mount that you can perfectly mount it on bikes, boards and alternative convenient places and enjoy hands-free outdoor entertainment.


  • Offers a Bluetooth range of up to 100 feet.
  • Has extended battery lifetime of up to thirty hours.
  • Sound quality is always delivered in 360 degrees.
  • Has customizable bike mount.
  • Has a microphone you will use for calls.
  • It is water-resistant, dustproof, shockproof and stain resistant.
  • Features an inbuilt antenna for FM radio reception.


  • The battery potency deteriorates with time.

Amphony Bluetooth Audio Receiver/Amplifier Model 3000

Amphony is both an audio receiver and amplifier that is capable of remodelling any Bluetooth enabled speaker into a wireless Bluetooth speaker. It is really powerful electronic equipment along with top quality audio receiver that which will offer up to 2 x 40 W of RMS to any speaker coupled with it. Also, it has a much reduced audio distortion that is about 0.04%.


  • Its chassis is made of aluminium material.
  • Comes with a 1-year risk-free warranty.
  • It is capable of converting any Bluetooth enabled speaker into Bluetooth speakers.
  • Comes with a very powerful amplifier.


  • The product doesn’t include an auxiliary cable.