14 examples of great web design

In a world that is now eCommerce crazy, your website is one of the most powerful tools at your business’ disposal.

Your site web design welcomes your audience and according to a company of website design for recruitment agencies, first impressions are everything when users can simply choose a competitor from a long list provided, within seconds.

With help from On The Map Web Design, it couldn’t be easier to step up your business web design, but what big companies have outdone themselves when it comes to their web design?

  1. Apple – The tech giants have been the largest and most profitable company in their industry for as long as most of us can remember and their site design is nothing short of sensational as they focus on aesthetics. Their products are shown in innovative and interesting ways as the pictures speak a thousand words.
  2. ESPN – ESPN’s sports site is another stellar example of how powerful images can be in web design. Their images and videos fill the pages to express energy, without overwhelming the audience, thanks to the subtle and smooth transitions.
  3. Trivago – Recent years has seen the travel company flourish to become one of the most successful travel brands. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and web design is no exception. Trivago revels in its simple and minimalistic design, focusing on getting users to search for travel destinations and that’s all.
  4. Virgin America – Focusing on usability, accessibility and responsiveness, Virgin America has one of the best airline websites in the world, possibly being the first in the industry to successfully achieve these aspects. Skype – although you may think that their site is nothing special, but they successfully meet expectations of their target audience. Skype is used for social and business communications and addresses both with a simplistic blue and white colour scheme, refreshing and professional.
  5. Urban Decay – Competing in the competitive market of beauty, Urban Decay’s website showcases their colourful and quality product they offer. With their signature splash of deep purple making a subtle yet significant appearance, evidencing the strong pigments of their beauty products, as well as images evidencing their product diversity, attracting all customers.
  6. Netflix – The streaming site is dominating online and its attractive site is just one factor explaining its popularity. Not only is the site easy to navigate but this is that case for all of its platforms, tablets, phones and computers. Paired with the sights clear and smooth design, users have no trouble navigating Netflix.
  7. McDonald’s – The biggest fast-food chain in the world feeds around 1% of the world’s population every day. It’s safe to say McDonald’s doesn’t have to worry too much about bringing in customers and o this allows them to focus on experiences. The restaurant’s website does just this, it is clean and clear with its information and allows customers to browse the menu easily by separating the food into categories for convenience while maintaining a sleek and fun design.
  8. Ford – When making a big purchase, such as a car, most customers will do their research before even stepping foot in a dealership. Ford’s website allows customers to have an in-person experience while browsing online, by allowing you to choose models and build your ideal car and features. This is an easy to navigate and sleek designed site, with user experience and design, go hand in hand.
  9. Patagonia – With a target audience of thrill-seekers and adventurists, Patagonia draws in the attention of these customers with their design, which includes breathtaking images to solidify their image. A simple yet effective layout allows users to find what they need while enjoying pictures that will appeal to them personally.
  10. Sony – Drop-down menus allow users to sift through Sony’s endless number of products in seconds with logical categorizations. There is no need to flick through 10 pages to find the camera you want.
  11. Adidas – The big sportswear brand uses a slider on their website homepage to showcase their new or featured products. With good timing and flow, Adidas has made viewing sleek and informative for users.
  12. Nestle – Not only is the site clean and clear, but it is also informative. Nestles site is well designed in regards to its ability to reach internationally and evidence the company’s values and activity without being cluttered or confusing.
  13. Dominos – In a world where ordering food is becoming more popular than eating out, Dominos have stepped it up and finessed their website. With an easy navigation system from entering your location, to viewing the menu, ordering, paying and submitting, the process is as simple as they come.
  14. PayPal – One of the most popular online payment systems, PayPal, has recently given its website some TLC and uncluttered. With a professional colour scheme, they are creating a stronger brand identity, focusing on corporate use as opposed to personal, making them the best users of their brand colours to evidence their identity in their market.