Why Power BI is a revolutionary business intelligence tool?

Many people do not understand “Power BI.” In this article, I will be talking about Power BI and a cool place where you can learn how to use it.

Take a few moments to understand what Power BI is and how it can change your business process.

First of all, what is it?

Power BI is a handy visualization tool that will assist in getting insights into your business so that you can make informed business decisions. Every day we make decisions, some good and some bad.

Power BI is a tool that was created to help you make the right business decisions. When making a business decision, it helps to have visualizations of the data we use. You can use data from various sources, including Excel files. The critical feature of Power BI is that whatever data you have, you can connect it up.

Power BI Desktop

You can download Power BI for free on their website. This means that you can start using Power BI for free. Try the software out from free and see what you can use it for. How it can work with data and create visualizations. With Power BI Training you can have a fantastic improvement in your business reports.

Power BI Service

Power BI Service is a cloud service offered by Microsoft Cloud. The service is there to enable users to share data and collaborate. Individual users can share those dashboard reports to whoever needs them in a relevant way.

Power BI Mobile App

This app allows Power BI users to continue their work on the move. It will work on either a phone or tablet. Using these devices you can access those desktops when out of the office. It also allows you to annotate and set alerts.

Power BI Premium

Power BI Pro is an add-on to the Power BI Pro option and is aimed at larger organizations. With this option, you can work with larger data sets. It also unlocks some additional features inside the Power BI Service.

Using Power BI

Most people will only need to use the Desktop and you can get Power BI to pull in your data and create your report. You can do this for free on the desktop or if you have access to the service, you can also do it there.

Once you have created the report, you can then use the service to publish the Report into the cloud. There are different ways that you can handle that data. It is possible to create dashboards in the service so that you could create a report from different visualizations from a variety of reports.

The next part of this service is the ability to share and collaborate on reports with other people within your company, or even with people outside your company. These users may have Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo email accounts.

Final words

You can see from this short article just how useful Power BI could be. It is worth using this software, and you can get far more from it is you take some training. This software could change the way you do business.