What is the best web browser for Mac platforms in 2020?

Want to find the best web browser for Mac? Check out this breakdown of the features of 2020’s most up-to-date and helpful browsers.

So it’s 2020 and you have got your hands on a Mac. After you have installed your apps and set up your Mac to your liking you stop and wonder: what about my web browser?

What is the best web browser for Mac? There are so many to choose from and selecting a web browser is not something to take lightly.

But don’t stress! We’ve done the hard work for you and shortlisted the best web browsers for your Mac:

The best web browser for Mac: The criteria

What are the criteria for choosing the best web browser for Mac? Does this even matter? We think it does. A web browser, like any software, should be chosen wisely.

You are looking for a web browser that is fast, secure and has additional features. In this list below you will find a detailed review of the best web browsers for Mac, so you can decide which one suits your needs the best.

We recommend analyzing what your own needs are. Many of these web browsers will have unique features that may or may not suit your needs. Use your own criteria in addition to ours in deciding the best web browser for your Mac.

  1. Firefox

The popular web browser from Mozilla remains a favorite. While this is not a slow web browser, it is not the fastest on the list. Where it does shine is its privacy protection.

The latest version (starting with Version 72) will let you know if your email has been compromised in a data breach. It allows for private browsing so that your search history and website visiting history is not recorded. This can prevent hackers from following what you are seeing on the Internet.

There are several extensions that can be added to Firefox; and, of course, it is one of the most user-friendly browsers you will find.

One thing to note is that the Mozilla Foundation does accept donations. This is what keeps the company going. Without strong funding, the Firefox browser may lose its appeal and key features.

  1. Microsoft Edge

Yes, even Mac users can now use Microsoft Edge as their preferred web browser. The latest version of this web browser is built with Chromium, which speeds up its use. If you are looking for a fast and reliable browser then this is one of your top choices.

There is a fantastic range of features to be added to the Microsoft Edge browser. This includes a password manager and an ad-blocker. Furthermore, web pages can be downloaded and viewed offline.

It is a very privacy-friendly browser and allows for Site Permissions – which means that the user can grant some websites certain permissions (such as data collection) and refuse these same permissions to others.

If you are not adamant on a Mac-specific browser and miss the familiarity of Windows, then Microsoft Edge may be the browser for you.

  1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome pioneered the Chromium technology, and as a result, is a fast and reliable browser. One downside is that if your computer is low on RAM, then this is not the browser for you.

Google Chrome has been known to be hardware-heavy which means it requires a stable computer with lots of memory to run functionally. Chrome features a plethora of extensions and add-ons. It is great if you already use features within Google’s ecosystem – whether it is Google Drive, Gmail, Google Voice, etc. – if you are already a fan of Google’s services then this is your best bet.

But do remember that Google’s browser, like many of its services, is not privacy-friendly.

  1. Internet Explorer

You were probably not expecting this one. But IE for Mac has its advantages. If you prefer a simple web browser for mac that allows you to browse web pages, is fast and reliable, and secure then this is the browser you should go for.

Internet Explorer remains a popular web browser because of its ease and simplicity. If you need something bare bones to cover the basics, then stick with Internet Explorer.

  1. Opera

Opera is a great web browser and should be more popular than it already is. It is fast and easy to use and is packed with many great features that do not need to be added on.

These great features include an ad-blocker to avoid any annoying advertisements clouding your browsing experience. Furthermore, Opera has a built-in VPN to protect your identity and your browsing from potential threats by hackers. It has a built-in wallet for storing cryptocurrency.

And if you happen to be an avid gamer, there’s Opera GX which is optimized for gamers and has a Twitch integration.

Opera also has a mobile application and can sync with your computer’s web browser application as well. The mobile application also has a feature called Opera Turbo, which compresses Internet Data to make downloads faster.

It is a great web browser for its varied features, fast speed, and reliable security. If you are willing to use an advanced browser and are web savvy then this should be your choice.

  1. Vivaldi

Named after the great and innovative Italian composer, this web browser was created by former Opera developers. Vivaldi, like Opera and Google Chrome, is built with the Chromium technology that makes it very fast and reliable.

In one word, Vivaldi’s interface is customizable. The interface is especially good when browsing through multiple web pages. Websites can be posted to a sidebar; the toolbar can be moved around the screen for your convenience; you can alter the fonts and color schemes of web pages; you can have a history and bookmarks sidebar – and a place for notes as well.

This may sound unnecessary to the average user. But for the skilled professional or hobbyist who is independent and a self-starter, this may be the best way to organize your web browser – just as you would organize your workspace.

  1. Safari

And of course, we could not leave out the Mac’s native Safari web browser.

Safari is not a slow browser but is certainly not the fastest – not up to par with the Chromium-based web browsers. While there are a few additions, Safari is far from being the most multifarious browser.

But it is a great browser for privacy. It can minimize your data being tracked. If you love Apple’s ecosystem and have other Apple devices to pair with your Mac, then Safari may still be your ideal choice.

The best web browser for Mac: A few alternatives

The web browsers mentioned above are the most well-known browsers. These are great options that you can compare to choose the best web browser for Mac.

But, there are also a few alternatives to consider. These web browsers are less mainstream but may serve your needs even better.

  1. Brave

If you hate ads and wish to ban them out of existence, then the Brave web browser is for you. It automatically blocks all ads. This, in turn, makes it a very fast and reliable web browser. However, using their native cryptocurrency “Basic Attention Tokens” the user can choose what ads and what content to have promoted to them.

If you do not want your web experience to be controlled by a third-party and value your privacy, you should courageously go for Brave!

  1. The Onion Router (Tor)

The Tor browser is for people for whom privacy is the most important feature of a web browser. Of course, security is never guaranteed but Tor does a great job in preventing your data, search history, and browsing history from being detected. It is recommended to use a VPN alongside using Tor for the ultimate privacy experience.

  1. Avast Secure Browser

This web browser is built with the Chromium-based technology. But unlike Google Chrome, this is a great option for security and privacy – something you will not find with a Google product. These security features are automatically enabled so you do not have to worry about installing them and can focus on your web browsing.

The additional features are also not bad. It has a built-in VPN for added security; it can download YouTube videos up to 720p. It has a password manager for storing and automatically filling passwords in fields. It also has built-in malware to protect your browser from any potential viruses.

Choose your browser

Now that you know a selection of the best web browser for Mac, you are ready to choose. Normally this is not something we think about but in 2020, we want you to seriously consider what the best web browser is for your needs.

With much of our lives being spent on the Internet, we must choose one that is fast and reliable. With growing data breaches and data collection, we urge you to strongly consider the importance of privacy and security. And with your lifestyle and daily web habits, consider whether using a simple web browser is for you or whether it is more convenient to use one with several additional features.

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