5 industries that were built on SEO

The modern business world is built and run on the internet. Most businesses, on-land and online, have made an effort to open a site or a profile to build on their internet presence.

The possibilities that the cyberspace brings on the table are unfathomable. The leads are unlimited and are always available. There is always someone searching for something via the internet, and so there is a vast market of consumers. So much so, if you do not own at least a business profile on social media, let alone a website, you are missing out. Which is why we have looked into the industries that have been built with the most important factor of the online world, SEO.

industries that were built on SEOIn this piece, we shall focus on the industries that were built on SEO. And are still run on the internet owing to their success due to SEO. So read on to find out more about these industries built on SEO.

1. Real estate

The real estate sector today, when compared to fifty years back, the improvement is incredible. The milestones that the real estate industry has made because of SEO are exceptional. Through SEO, a person searching for an establishment to live in or do business in can easily find one at the touch of a button.

As a customer, this works wonders as you find what you need in the shortest time possible. On the other side of the coin, as an owner of a real estate, through SEO, you send out your ads and campaigns to parties that fit into the criteria of your ideal customer. And as a result, you score yourself a deal in due time. SEO has made this industry grow to levels no one anticipated. Agents, owners, and buyers of real estate have SEO to thank for the success of their careers.

2. Professional services

Any business that offers expert consultation and assistance to consumers also has SEO to thank for their breakthrough. SEO has made such professional service providing organizations to increase exponentially since their need for extension was due to the growing need for supply to cater to the overwhelming demand. For instance, there is always someone in search of a financial consultant or a wedding planner to get their finances in order or to make their dreams coming true. Regardless of the service offered, getting customers is almost guaranteed since the demand is already there. You do not find your clients; they find you. SEO has given business owners of such companies the necessary tools to help them penetrate the market even deeper and extensive. And this grows the industry faster.

3. Online businesses

The availability of the internet has prompted the opening of online companies in millions. People are buying and selling left, right, and center. Everyone is looking for the most convenient way to get commodities, cheaper and faster. And SEO made this possible. This has reduced the cost of owning a business, which, as a result, advances your business venture faster. The capital you have would have gone into rental space, inventory, staff, and perhaps transportation. But today, that same amount would go into stock only, and this is a substantial boost.

As a client, when you have a channel to get what you need in a matter of minutes, buy it and have it delivered in a few hours is quite amazing. And Search Engine Optimization is what makes this possible.

4. Medical services

As technology advances, so does other major sectors. And medicine is one very similar industry that has been revolutionized through SEO. Hospitals and other medical facilities are using SEO for the marketing of their amenities. You have to keep in mind that in as much as hospitals offer hospitality services to their clients, they are still a business. And a company has to make money. So, they are always competing against themselves. One hospital will advertise their expertise in cancer treatment while another in physiotherapy. And SEO makes them visible to the ones who require these services.

SEO has enabled people to also access major bodies like WHO, CDC, St. John Ambulance, and Red Cross, among others. This way, if you are searching for ambulances, SEO brings up the organizations dealing with that rather than giving you every medical facility available. Through SEO, you can get your prescription, buy it, and get it delivered to you asap as well. And if you still wish to consult on a medical issue you are facing, you are directed to the sites that specialize in such. SEO has opened up doors in the medical service industry immensely.

5. Restaurants and hotels

Another hospitality industry that been built with the help of SEO is the restaurant and hotel enterprises. This sector being customer-centric, takes its online presence very seriously. Hotels, resorts, villas, restaurants, and clubs are all about optics. What you see is what you get. And it is for this reason that SEO has taken it to levels higher than before. Through SEO, a hotel offering swimming to their guests can easily be found through a picture posted on their site. And the ones with conference spaces, the same. Also, you are presented with a variety laid out for you, with the best on top; therefore, you are spoilt for choice. This opportunity is a double-edged sword; it cuts both ways. Both the customer and the business owner gets what they want.

Because of SEO, you can now easily access restaurants online, check out their menus, and order. And a few minutes later, you are enjoying your hot meal for lunch. And since the market is broad, you get precisely what you requested. The possibilities are still advancing as time goes by. With SEO, the sky truly is the limit.


To conclude, we can confidently say that SEO is a powerful tool that smart businesses in each industry have used as a stepping stone to get to the top. The highlighted industries being the top five on that list built by SEO. SEO and all it comes with has, without a doubt, made tangible advances in the business world in cyberspace. The internet is home to both the business owners and customers, but SEO is the bridge that connects the two.