7 helpful reputation management guidelines for businesses

Online reputation management can help in making or breaking a business. If there are several negative reviews when people are searching for your company, you are going to be in a lot of trouble.

It is not easy to manage your reputation and maintain it. According to, reputation management is as important as water for business.

Given below is a list of the steps that you can follow for managing your online reputation.

Focus on the search results

The search result for your personal or brand name can matter when online reputation is being considered. This is why it is important to own all the search results this is one of the ideal ways of controlling the online reputation. Your objective should be getting as many positions as you can within the first page of the search engines for both your personal as well as brand name. It is recommended that you have the concept of having online resumes where you are registering your domain name as your brand or personal name across the different social networking sites. Simply speaking, your objective should be getting high-quality properties including social networks and websites. This should be done if you are interested in getting multiple ranks within the first page of the search results for your brand or business name.

Check the search results regularly

It is suggested that you search for the name of the company once every month. If the company is coming in news frequently, you should work on the name of your company as well. It is a must that you set up Google alerts for different keywords, which will be associated with your business and brand name for getting alerts when any content associated with the business is coming online.

Apart from that, you should never restrict yourself and target the very first page of the search results of the search engines. Most users are responsible for limiting the search to the first page only. However, it is also crucial that you go through the search results on both pages 2 as well as 3 to understand whether there is any negative content present. Search rankings can change within one day and you need to find all the negative search results, as that is highly important for your business. Ensure that you are keeping a spreadsheet for tracking all the results. Make separate columns for the page status, page title, and URL. Apart from that, you also need to keep mentioning the responses that you are receiving, irrespective of whether it is positive, negative, or neutral.

Increase all the customers to share good reviews and positive experiences

Several customers will be interested in sharing all the positive experiences as well as reviews with the business. At certain times, gentle reminders or simple requests are responsible for working in the best possible manner. There are going to be times when you can place requests for asking them whether you exceeded the expectations that they had and you can request them to share their experiences.

This request can be placed at a place where it will be highly visible by the customers. Customers normally share complaints and negative experiences more in comparison to voicing the appreciation for great experiences. You need to understand that this strategy is going to work the best when you are doing it before receiving negative reviews. In simple words, it is more about preventive management and it is not going to be effective if there is a problem with the reputation of your business already.

Engage customers for solving problems

By engaging the customers, you will be able to show that you are adding value to the lives of these people. You might have already seen that a few big companies are responsible for engaging their customers by creating certain social media accounts for addressing only their complaints and concerns. It is responsible for telling customers that companies care and have a positive effect. This can also be done by demonstrating that the company cares about its customers. This will help in having a great positive effect and also boost the reputation. You can consider taking help from professionals of online reputation management New York.

Consistent and constant updates

If you are interested in dominating the search results, you cannot forget to remain relevant. The best way of remaining relevant is by constantly updating the website along with social media sites. You also have to concentrate on publishing fresh as well as useful content and have ideal social media strategies in a proper place. You will also get the option of hiring writers so that you can create fresh content and focus on the important aspects associated with your business. You need to remember that your motive should be publishing fresh and relevant information so that your business gets a high rank within the search results.

Do not be defensive about bad reviews

One huge mistake that most of the businesses make is that they try to cover up bad reviews by responding without even looking at the issue. Indeed, this is a natural reaction but it is also important that you consider taking one step back and wait for all the things to settle. You should not become defensive and start taking the detractors down or post negative things about those people who are posting negative reviews. Also, before you are responding, it is your responsibility to understand the issue and get important information. When you are responding, you need to ensure that you are not doing anything negative.

Start your blog

Over all these years, blogging has proved to be one of the most powerful tools, which has allowed everyone to get the messages out. Blogging has further provided a platform for companies to build a great reputation. To make sure that you own the search results, you have to get as many authority sites as well as social profiles in a proper place. A blog, which is created around your business, will help you to accomplish this perfectly.


It is an extremely difficult task to maintain an online reputation. Ensure that you are going through all the tips that have been mentioned above so that the process becomes easy and hassle-free for you.