How to choose a conference venue

Organizing a conference is a great way to educate like minds about what your company does and about your industry.

Companies use conferences to get customers and employees excited about their products and services. The interesting thing about choosing a conference elsewhere than your office is that a change in scenery sparks creativity. It gives your employees a chance to get out of the office and think differently. However, choosing the right conference venue can be a hassle for beginners. Here are 3 important tips to guide you.

1. Accessibility

Choosing an easily accessible venue goes a long way to set a good first impression. Accessibility includes easy transportation for guests who might be arriving from out of town, having enough parking space for those arriving with their cars, and wheelchair accessibility. The best conference venues in the UK with high accessibility get booked fast early on in the year. Endeavour to make your reservations as soon as you find one that fits into your budget.

2. Convenience

If you are expecting a lot of guests from out of town, it would be more convenient to choose either a venue near a hotel or a venue with enough accommodation. If the venue and the accommodation are separate, arrange for transportation to ease the burden of your attendees.

Not all conferences happen at traditional conference venues. In the UK, party houses are popular among organizers who wish to provide a unique experience for their attendees. A party house is typically a castle, a countryside mansion, or a villa. It is fully staffed much like a hotel. To rent a party house, simply visit a business venue rent website and make your reservation. A party house is perfect for themed conferences.

3. Cost

Cost is a major determining factor to choose the right venue. Early on, decide what your budget is and stick to it. Resist the temptation to add on more features than you need. For example, not all venues require valet services. You may choose to forgo that for something else or to save on the cost.

Things to avoid when choosing a conference venue

Often, organizers are drawn to popular venues but not all venues are the same. That is why it is important to take note of the following:

1. Compromising capacity

Have a projected estimate of the number of attendees you expect to have and let that guide your decision. Do not compromise the capacity for comfort, luxury, or cost. It is not only a safety hazard but it will also discourage your attendees from signing up in the future.

2. Overlooking the theme

Choose an appropriate venue that matches the ambience, mood, and nature of your event.

Overall, choosing to hold a conference outside of the office is a win-win situation for both your employees and the attendees. A great venue creates an ideal atmosphere for a comfortable learning session and easy networking among professionals in your industry. Attendees may not remember anything spectacular about an appropriate venue unless it is extraordinary, but they will certainly remember a poor experience whenever they see your brand.