5 fun products that really show your personality in college

When you’re going to college, chances are you’re going on a fun new adventure, all by yourself. If you don’t have any close friends around, you have to start making new friends!

There are so many ways to do that, from joining a club to asking some of your classmates to lunch. Finding similar interests also often helps. A good way to do that, is to take a good look at for instance the outfit someone’s wearing. You might recognise a superhero shirt and be able to start a conversation. The way someone dresses and the products someone owns, can show a lot of that person’s personality. In this list, we talk about 5 super fun products you can use to show off your own cool personality at college! 

1. Personalised clothes

In this day and age, pretty much anything can be bought on the internet. But if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, there are loads of sites that let you personalise all kinds of clothes, and print (Dutch: bedrukken) something fun on the clothes. Whether you want your name on a beanie or a fun pun on a t-shirt, there are so many options to choose from.

2. A fun coffee mug

If you don’t drink coffee yet, you might start in college. Those 9AM classes can be rough! Invest in a travel coffee mug so you can bring your favorite hot drink everywhere with you. Also super fun, is a mug with a fun saying, like “Don’t talk to me before noon”. You can find lots of mugs and mugs you can personalise (Dutch: mokken bedrukken) with quotes that will make your classmates giggle online. 

3. A sturdy backpack

If you’ve thrown your old backpack in a closet after high school, it’s time to dig that one back up. Or you could choose a new one, for a fresh start! We recommend a fairly sturdy backpack, after all you’ll probably be running around with a laptop, some library books and more. If you use your backpack every day, it’s also a good product to make a statement with. Are you interested in fancy backpacks (Dutch: rugzakken) that show off your fashion sense or does a colorful back seem fun? It’s all your choice!

4. Products for some time off

Let’s be real – college isn’t all about studying. It’s also about having a good time, for instance when it’s a lovely sunny day. So when you’re packing for college, don’t forget the basics, like a bikini, sunscreen and an eye-catching towel. Wear fun sunglasses (Dutch: zonnebrillen), bring the refreshment and fans (Dutch: waaiers) for you and your friends and you’re ready for a lovely day in the sun! 

5. Funky sticky notes and colorful pens

Sometimes lectures can be snooze-inducing. But there are ways to make them more fun! Shamelessly buy those glitter pens, those sticky notes that look like pandas and that organiser with cheetah print. It’s college, go wild! 

We wish you lots of luck in college! Make lots of friends and show off your cool personality with your look!