What are toll-free numbers used for in business

Any business needs communication tools. Having a phone number is essential in building your brand and reaching your target market. Also, a phone number is essential in helping your customers reach you for any concerns they may have.

There should be easy communication between you and your customers. There is no reason why you shouldn’t get a toll-free number for the convenience of your clients. Toll-free numbers have no charge, so your customers can contact you with ease.

toll-free numbersThe following are how toll-free numbers can be used in business:

1. Toll-free numbers improve customer satisfaction

Although most companies are already on social media and utilize online tools to satisfy their customers’ queries and get customer feedback, the use of toll-free numbers is still essential these days. What if your customer has an important query, and they are in the middle of a place with no Internet connection?

It can be a hassle and frustrating on their part. Having a toll-free number means they can contact you on any phone available, and it won’t cost them a thing. Toll-free numbers make it easier for your customers to reach you. They can ask important questions, and you will be able to address their concerns immediately.

They will be able to contact you anytime and anywhere it is necessary. When you give such good customer service through toll-free numbers, your customers will likely remain loyal because you are able to help them quickly and efficiently.

2. Toll-free numbers are easy to remember

Toll-free numbers are easy to memorize and remember. Your customer will likely remember your number, especially if it is a vanity number like 1-800-flowers. You can check out Kall8 for information on how to get your own toll-free number.

Customers will likely remember you on special occasions when they need your services and products. Furthermore, there is a higher chance that people are to call you when the need arises because your number is already embedded in their memory. Especially if you have given them good service in the past, they will likely avail of your services again in the future.

Some people also like the personalization that comes with calling customer service through the phone. Not many people like the sterile environment of online purchasing. Quite a number of customers want the chance to be able to talk to someone real to deal with their queries and their orders. The experience generates more trust and authenticity.

3. Toll-free numbers give you credibility

Trust is important in business as it helps build your corporate image.

A toll-free number is an efficient way for customers to contact you in case something goes wrong with the product they have purchased from you. It is also a great way for you to assist them in troubleshooting products and to help them get warranty and replacements in case these perks apply to their purchase.

Credibility is important even if you are just a small-sized company. Remember that people only spend their hard-earned dollars to companies and businesses they trust. If they know you have a toll-free number, you are seen as legit because they have the means to establish constant communication with you during the lifetime of the goods or services they have purchased or availed.

4. Toll-free numbers offers portability

With a toll-free number, location wouldn’t matter, unlike with a regular number wherein you will have to change your business number when you transfer to another location.

A toll-free number remains the same wherever you put up your business. You can be reached through your toll-free number wherever you may be located. Your customers won’t even know that you have already changed locations.

A toll-free number you have purchased is yours forever. Changing providers won’t affect the toll-free number you have purchased, and you can maintain your toll-free number under any circumstances.

5. Toll-free numbers are great marketing tools

Toll-free numbers are great as marketing tools since they are easily remembered by customers. As has been mentioned, you can create vanity numbers to help people even remember you further.

Toll-free numbers also allow you to have extensions so you can easily determine where a particular call came from. Extensions can be associated with a particular campaign so you will be able to track your marketing efforts better.

For example, a toll-free number can be associated with your print media ads or your website.

Final thoughts

It is important for you to have constant communication with your customers. You should also be visible in the marketplace, and one way to do that is by having a toll-free number. Customers who can contact you easily and for free will immediately think that your company, apart from being legitimate, is customer-friendly and efficient.

A toll-free number enables your customers to contact you easily, anytime and anywhere, whenever they have queries about your offerings. On your part, you can immediately address their concerns, which, in turn, can generate more loyal customers as well as higher profits.