4 Useful Tips to Remember to Maintain a Good Work Life Balance

Going to work is more than just about making a living – it helps you to develop your skills and knowledge both professionally and personally. However, the key to a good career is also making time for your personal life too. Read here to learn how to maintain a good work-life balance.

Maintaining a good work life balance is not only wise but also beneficial as it can have an impact on your mental health. To avoid too much stress and a risk of burnout, it’s important to prioritise your health and take a breather from your full-time job.


There are many ways to stay healthy while managing a full-time job such as perhaps using a standing desk or taking an afternoon stroll on your break to help you stay active. By staying active and healthy you are better able to relax, recuperate, and be prepared for the next working day. Whether you are juggling a job with spending time with your family or juggling a job with taking part in your favourite hobbies, here are some useful reminders that can help you maintain a good work life balance in 2020.

1. Start with a good sleep routine

One of the most basic places you can start to create a good balance in your life is by getting enough quality sleep. At the same time, it’s useful to implement a sleep routine that you can stick to as well. Good quality sleep helps to maintain your energy levels as well as keep your focus sharp. And the more prepared you show up for work, the more productive you are bound to be.

Establishing a good sleep routine also ensures that you will also have enough energy to unwind when you get home. If you want to go to the gym after work or go out for food with your family, having enough sleep behind you can make sure that you stay awake till bedtime.

2. It helps to stay organised

Not everything is going to work out the way you planned it, but having a plan can help you to feel more in control. This does not mean you should plan everything down to the last detail. However, setting aside a specific time where you can do whatever you feel like can be very motivational. Cosmopolitan has an interesting guide on ’20 things an organised person does every day’ and includes tips like doing tasks in bite size chunks and utilising folders, notepads, and box files for organisation.

Keeping both your personal tasks and your work tasks organised can help you lead a more productive and organised lifestyle in 2020 – one that can help you lead a better work life balance. By organising your diary you will be more focused on what needs to be done and will be able to better manage your time.

3. Take some time to unwind

Taking your time to relax and unwind is one of the most important factors in maintaining a good work life balance this year. Staying in ‘work mode’ all day everyday is bound to take its toll, so it’s important to switch off properly when you clock out of the office at the end of the day. Take some time to binge watch some of your favourite tv shows, read a book, or take a relaxing bath to take you mind of your workload.

There are many ways that you can spend your spare time outside of work such as taking up a new hobby, playing video games, starting your own blog, or even checking out some new slot games from some of the best online casinos. Whichever way you choose to spend your spare time outside of work, ensure that you take the time to yourself and take a deserved break from your workload.

4. Make time for family and friends

Finally, make more time for your family and friends when you are not at work. Although you might want to sit back and catch up on your favourite tv shows, why not watch them with your family instead? When working a stressful job, it’s important to make time for your loved ones so that you can all relax and spend some time together. Socialising with others can help improve your mood and wellbeing which in turn can help you lead a more relaxed and productive routine.