The rise of the working holiday

For many, the idea of a 9-5 in an office doesn’t tick the boxes. Instead, people are moving towards the notion of freelance working, and taking a working holiday.

A 2018 study found that nearly 5 million US citizens describe themselves as ‘digital nomads’, with a further 17 million aspiring to such a lifestyle. So, what are the benefits that come with freelance life and the working holiday?

working holidayHouse swapping for ‘home’ comforts

Swapping houses comes with plenty of perks. It offers the same freedom as relaxing at your own place, and those who choose to do this can establish a proper routine. In a new destination, the comfort of a homely spot can do wonders and take away the feeling of being in a different country. House swapping can also be great way to save money on a working holiday, and a further plus is that Wi-Fi is standard in so many homes these days that you won’t be spending extra for a solid internet connection.

Distraction-free working

Working while on holiday can actually be more productive. Simply switching up your environment can lead to fewer distractions and better workflow. Cruises have become popular among many freelancers, particularly now that many cruise liners have dedicated office space.

The convenience of all-inclusive resorts

All-inclusive options are appealing for those who want a working holiday. Meals and drinks are included in the upfront fee, so budgeting is straightforward. There are more freelancers than ever choosing to work on the beach, and while this may seem like a pipe dream to most, for many it is totally doable.

Ian Crawford from Holiday Hypermarket says: ‘All-inclusive options are excellent for freelancers and those planning a working holiday. You’ll have all the amenities needed at your fingertips to establish a work routine in relaxing settings.’

Networking – intentionally and unintentionally

Working holidays can present a host of opportunities for networking. For many freelancers, communicating with others is pivotal to business, and travelling to new places allows such dialogues. You never know who you’ll meet or how your next business relationship will form. Those who choose to work this way can immerse themselves in local culture during downtime and make additional friends – another perk.

Sustainable getaways

While it’s fine to spend money on a lavish break, not everyone can do so. For many in employment, the denial of holiday pay is a real issue, preventing workers from travelling. Even though freelancers aren’t tied to contracts containing holiday allowances, funds can still be limited. A working holiday can provide a sustainable option, meaning money is still being made. Plenty of freelancers benefit from taking extended breaks as their working routines can remain uninterrupted.

Opportunity for personal growth

Travelling solo or taking a working holiday is a great way to grow – many tell of how such experiences have helped considerably with interpersonal skills and overall confidence. It’s no secret that pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones can be rewarding in many ways. Developing cultural awareness is fantastic for establishing professional relationships with clients from all corners of the globe. Growth isn’t always tangible, it can come in many forms.

There are multiple personal and professional opportunities to take advantage of when travelling. Social perspectives are broadened and future employment prospects, too, while money can still be made along the way. Working holidays continue to be on the rise and it’s easy to see why. If you’re a freelancer, you may wish to consider mixing up your environment with a trip away.