This is how you organize a fun staff party at the end of a successful year

Was your business year a success? Then put your staff in the spotlight and celebrate your successes with a fun staff party!

With a party, you show your appreciation to your staff. A fun staff party brings many benefits. The Dutch company e-Carnavalskleding gives you the best tips to organize an unforgettable company party!

1. Go for a theme party

You can make everything more fun with a theme party. Whether the theme is the sixties and seventies and everyone is dressed up in hippie clothes (Dutch: hippie kleding), the Wild West where everyone dresses in Indian and cowboy clothing or you give a Fantasy party where everyone shows up in Steampunk costumes (Dutch: steampunk kleding) a theme makes the party complete. The best theme parties ensure that there is a different atmosphere in the office and that colleagues get to know each other in a different way. Always have extra party items, such as make-up, wigs, and accessories. If a colleague doesn’t get into the theme, it can always be arranged during the party.

2. Invite your guests in an original way

Of course, you can send a save-the-date through your joint agenda, but it will be appreciated if you send everyone a personal invitation by post. This way, employees will get excited for the party and the party will be discussed in the office. Your staff will feel special and they can prepare for the party.

3. The music

The music requires careful consideration. Music makes or breaks a party and can therefore not be forgotten. When choosing the music for the party, listen to the preferences of your employees. You can decide to let a DJ play the best songs, but it’s also very nice to have an artist perform or organize a karaoke during the party. This provides a little extra that your employees will talk about for a long time.

4. Arrange tasty snacks and drinks

A party isn’t a party without tasty drinks and after all those drinks, the stomach often wants something as well. So make sure you have yummy snacks and drinks during a staff party. Of course, you can hire a professional company for this. There are many companies that provide catering for parties. These companies make the tastiest snacks and provide a bar with staff.

5. Make it personal

A staff party will be a real success when it has a personal twist. With a staff party, you show that you value your employees. That is why it is nice to start the party with a nice kick-off talk for all employees. During this talk, achieved goals and highlights can be discussed and employees can be put in the spotlight. Do not make the conversation too long, stick to a maximum of ten minutes! This way your employees will not lose their attention and the party can start.

With these tips you will organize a party your employees won’t forget. We wish you a lot of fun!