Three things to keep in mind while driving a company car

If you’re lucky enough to work for a business that provides employees with company vehicles, make sure that taking care of it is your top priority.

Some people tend to abuse the privilege and tend to neglect things that aren’t their own. If you’re driving a company car, you must keep in mind a few respectful rules.

Keep it clean

Treat the inside of the car better than if it were your own. The organization’s reputation is at stake. When you’re driving around, remember that you’re representing the company. The outside should also be clear of any debris or dirt.

Some companies will have cars detailed if it has been neglected, and they will send the bill to you, the employee, to clean it. Hopefully, the threat of the pricetag of a top-of-the-line detailing is enough to ensure that you keep the car in shape.

If you are a cigarette smoker, refrain from the practice while driving. Cigarette smoke has a nasty odor that can linger in the interior for a long time. Even air-fresheners and open windows will not alleviate the problem.

Stay on top of maintenance

Company cars usually must be inspected at least twice a year. It’s vital that while the vehicle is under your responsibility that you properly take care of and maintain it. Mechanics must check the car, and service should be regular.

As the driver, you may be held responsible for any expensive repairs or engine replacements. Make sure that you consistently monitor the gas, tire pressure, and fluid levels. In the case of damage, make sure you report it as soon as possible.

Practice safe driving

You won’t be immune to the law just because you’re driving a company car. Any parking tickets, speeding fines, or tows will have to be covered by you, the driver. The cost of getting a citation is not worth getting to an appointment three minutes earlier.

If you have a lead foot and tend to drive above the speed limit, try this – think about how much more difficult it will be to get from point A to point B if you get your license revoked. Be cautious while driving and pay attention to signs. If you cannot afford to cover the citations, you may lose your car privileges.

Though it may go without saying, never drive while intoxicated, on strong medication, or highly fatigued. Make sure you install your hands-free mobile phone connection, so you’re not tempted to text while driving.

While you may be tempted to lend the car to a spouse or child that is in a bind, no employee should ever let anyone else drive the vehicle. Unless the company has expressed permission for maybe a coworker, you should be the only motorist. Some companies may be less strict on this policy in the case of an emergency.


You may have many incentives to practice these essential auto-care habits when it comes to the business fleet. Some companies have an employee purchase option. In this case, you could own the vehicle through purchase after a certain amount of time.