5 ways that call tracking could benefit your small business

When it comes to marketing, there’s no more powerful tool than data. Nowadays, small business owners have access to enormous amounts of data, which they leverage to improve their marketing efforts. This data is collected via several different means, but call tracking technology is up there with the most accessible and effective.

But exactly what sort of data can call-trackers collect, and why might this data be useful? Let’s take a look at five ways in which call tracking can benefit your business.

Faster routing

When customers call your business, the chances are that they don’t want to have to wait on the line any longer than necessary. It’s vital, therefore, that calls are routed as efficiently as possible. Information about caller intent and other variables can help you to put any given call through to the right department, thereby minimising waiting time. Given the reputational cost that a sluggish call centre can impose on a business, anything that can be done to expedite the process, even to a relatively modest degree, can represent a worthwhile return on the investment.

Measuring conversion rates

Among the most valuable metrics when it comes to consumer behaviour is the conversion rate: the proportion of users who, having reached a certain stage in your marketing pipeline, go on to become customers. Identifying online customers and matching them with the phone-based ones can be tricky; sophisticated call tracking software gets around this by assigning each customer with a unique number to call.

Identifying common complaints

In most cases, large chunks of a calls to a business will concern the same few common complaints and criticisms. Call tracking allows these trends to be monitored and easily acted upon, and used as a measure of success. For example, if you’re receiving a given number of complaints about a given fault in a product, you might consider it a long-term target to reduce or even eliminate complaints of a certain type.

Customer support personalisation

Tweaking a customer’s over-the-phone experience to match their taste and personality will make them more likely to have a positive response. Previous behaviour, like responsiveness to certain advertising campaigns, and demographic information, will allow you to tailor the call centre response. Moreover, the call will help you to shape those other marketing channels, too.

Keeping pace with smartphone adoption

Just about every one of your customers now has access to a smartphone – so much so, in fact, that these devices are more often simply called ‘phones’. Certain call trackers allow you to monitor calls made directly through online ads, which will allow you to monitor just how connected and effective your various online marketing efforts are.