4 types of content you should create to rank better in 2020

One of the most important goals of a digital marketing strategy is to increase search engine rankings. Getting to the top of search pages is something that will allow you to drastically boost visitor numbers and get more conversions.

SEO strategies can only get you so far before you need to improve your content. Keep in mind, the type of content you use can significantly influence your rankings, to the point that businesses are constantly looking for new ways to innovate to keep their websites fresh. If you’re short on ideas, here’s a couple of types of content that you shouldn’t let out of your sight this upcoming year.

Informative infographics

Infographics are becoming increasingly popular forms of digital content. You’ve probably seen quite a few infographics that have caught your eye and kept your attention over the years. They can be extremely useful tools for transferring relevant information to consumers. This information can help consumers get better acquainted with products, services, or business models which are relevant to your business. As the name suggests, it’s all about the transfer of information, and infographics are very effective at quickly educating viewers.

Studies have shown that infographics are pretty popular among a website’s visitors. An equally popular infographic is likely to be shared at least three times more often than other forms of content. This gives them an enormous opportunity to reach new audiences, especially in the same industry. Social media posts and backlinks are favoured by search engines and they help increase your page’s rankings.

It doesn’t hurt with reaching new and uninformed readers, either. If you can create an informative infographic that covers the topic in a simple and easily-digestible way, you’re going to spark interest in new audiences. Drawing them in is crucial if you want your infographic strategy to be effective. Plus, it never hurts to add new customers to your business, as they can prove to be an invaluable asset once they become familiar with your brand.

If you’re looking to build even more reliable backlinks, you can offer your infographics to other websites as well. They will gladly take content that they can link back to you as long as they get quality material to work with. A good infographic can go a long way when well-placed and utilized.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t overdo it with the infographics. This marketing tactic can become less and less effective the more it’s used. Having too many infographics on your website can have diminishing returns after a while. People don’t want every topic summed up in an infographic style. They’re great for complementing certain types of content, but you can’t replace them entirely. Keep that in mind when forming your marketing strategy.

Software content

When you think about content, the first things that come to mind will be blog posts and videos. They represent content that is quick to consume and they’re easily recognizable as content. Written and visual types of content can contain advertisements and keywords that help increase their viability in digital marketing, which is why they are some of the most common types of content. However, some content is a lot more complex, even when it serves the same purpose.

Software is one such unconventional kind of content which can prove to be extremely useful. It’s one of the latest additions to every digital marketing expert’s toolbelt. Businesses are constantly on the lookout for software that can help them generate traffic and backlinks. The question is – how does software achieve this?

When it comes to traffic, the answer is pretty obvious. The more popular a piece of software is, the more people will visit the site to use it and learn all about it. Some forms of software are ideal advertisements for the creative and technical aspects of a business. If your company deals with desktop and mobile apps, having a successful application is going to mean a boost in brand recognition and respect. Software can also help generate backlinks that lead to the creator’s website. A wildly successful application will be mentioned across social media and technical websites, leading to a whole bunch of backlinks that seemingly never stop. As long as the application is useful, people are going to link to it and the website it’s featured on.

The only downside to software as a marketing tool is that it’s one of the most expensive types of content. Even when compared to high-budget video content, software can cost a pretty penny. You require a team of talented developers to come up with ideas and create the ideal app that will help spread the message of your business. Testing and launching the app could end up being even more expensive. Paradoxically, you also have to market the app, even though it serves as a marketing tool for your business.

Businesses often struggle to decide between giving their app away for free or charging a fixed price for it. Nobody wants to see their hard work get given away, but this is never really the case. Even free apps are more than worth the trouble of setting up. Not only can they generate tons of backlinks, but they can also gather crucial information that could be relevant to your marketing strategy. You can utilize specific apps to create targeted advertisements that will be even more effective than normal counterparts. All of these factors contribute to your website’s rankings and help keep it on top of search pages for quite a while.

Research and data

While data might not seem like such an exceptional thing, it can be a form of content on its own. Even when it’s not used in a specific form such as an infographic or blog post, relevant data is attractive to consumers and they will often seek it out. This also makes it a prime target for search engines.

Precise data is considered an invaluable treasure for SEO. Finding the right kind of data that works for you can help you back up your ideas and create much higher-quality content. If you happen to stumble upon an SEO strategy that works, having the research to support it can help you make better decisions with your marketing campaign. Proper data acquisition can mean the difference between a sound strategy and a “helpful tip”.

Analyzing big data isn’t easy. It often requires the assistance of a researcher to help find this data, and a programmer to help sort and organize it. Research and original data get a lot of backlinks, which is why so many Australian businesses are focusing on acquiring quality information for their own industries.

Just having the right kind of data might not be enough to create content and get backlinks. It should be organized in an optimal way that will be easily accessible by website visitors. Businesses could acquire good data and fail to produce any results from it, simply because they lack the knowledge on how to utilize it for better rankings. According to experts for SEO in Sydney a well-organized data goes a long way compared to raw data.

Creating your own research and acquiring data isn’t an easy task. It will often require a joint effort from several different research organizations. Try to partner up with similar businesses in the same industry to acquire this data, as it would be mutually beneficial in the end.

Definitive resources

Written content has come a long way since the early days of digital marketing. Businesses are quickly realizing that quality trumps quantity nine times out of ten. They’ve also realized that including both in one form of content is going to produce some extraordinary results. If you provide visitors with a wide array of useful information, you can bet that they’ll be quick to take note of your website and share it with like-minded individuals.

Your blog posts should feature resources that are rich in relevant information. Turn every informative post into a definitive resource for the topic that is being covered. These types of posts are usually called “skyscrapers” or “ultimate lists”. This is because they often take the shape of a list, and they aren’t short in length.

A skyscraper list shouldn’t just be an oversized lump of filler content, it has to have a purpose, and that purpose is to cover just about everything about the main topic. When a visitor leaves the page, they have to feel like they’ve been completely informed about everything there is to know about the list’s features. This is extremely useful for niche industries, as there will be very few posts of this kind. This will spark their popularity and lead to an insane number of backlinks. Hardly anyone will be able to avoid these blog posts once they gain traction, and they won’t want to avoid them if they want to stay informed.


There are various types of content that you can rely on to increase your search rankings, but only a few of them will produce the kinds of results you’re looking for. The above examples are slowly proving to be the frontrunners in the marketing strategies of tomorrow, which is why you should keep your focus on them all throughout 2020.