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How the Coronavirus is affecting business

The new Coronavirus that has affected China and other parts of the world now posses a threat to global business.

As if that was not enough that the virus has thousands of lives, it also wants to cripple the global economy as well. This was revealed after studies where carried out on the effects of the Coronavirus on business.

coronavirus businessThe impact of the Coronavirus on the global market

It’s all fun and games until you discover that the disease is on the verge of crippling millions of businesses and online casino games players all over the world. Studies recently carried out have discovered that the virus could lead to the shutdown of over 5 million businesses worldwide.

The areas where the virus has hit hardest are homes to more than 90% of all the business in China. According to the recent reports, the affected areas have over 49 000 businesses that are owned by foreign companies.

The same reports also showed that 49% of the affected businesses have their head offices in Hong Kong. While 19%, have their headquarters in the US. 12% in Japan and 5% in Germany.

As you can see that the affected countries are part of the world’s strongest economies and the impact of the Coronavirus can lead to global business disaster. This global business disaster will not only be on these major powers, but it will also spared to affect the smaller economies that relay solely on the help of these major powers.

The way forward

As scientists and researchers search frantically for a cure several other measures have taken to try and reduce the spread of the virus to other parts of the world. This includes several health inspections when you reach country borders to mention but a few.

Health organisations are on red alert and doing their best to make sure that the Coronavirus does not spread to the rest of the world. In a way to try and spread awareness on the causes and the symptoms of the viruses, one can see various adverts on us online casino gambling sites as well.