Increasing productivity in your construction business

We are at the start of a new year: 2020 – so it is best you make sure that you put your best foot forward and make sure your construction business is up to speed.

There are plenty of projects that may come in from the previous year (unfinished), and for sure more that will begin this year – the organization is key! You need to organize everything and not let it turn into chaos. The best way to do that is to look at the construction ERP software, that can take the load off you and have all the data in one place (readily to be shared within diverse departments inside your construction business).

A construction ERP system will help you save time

IDC’s Information Worker Survey stated that workers were wasting up to 2,5 hours/day just searching for what they needed. The situation has not improved much since then as new research shows that 441 827 088 days a year are spent by UK employees on unnecessary tasks.

A construction ERP system will help you take control of your projects

A next-generation construction ERP software will be able to help you manage your files in one spot and thus help you control the workflow and access data when you need it, from any location that you would be in. The next-generation construction ERP software is cloud-based (and most of them even have fitted mobile apps), and that makes the information readily available even when you are on holiday! You can check and track your team’s projects while sipping on a Long Island Ice Tea on the beach.

You don’t need to change your processes, you just need to find the right tool to support them, and you will be able to boost your productivity. You will be able to see each project on its own, control and track its progress throughout any (and all) stages. You will be able to create tasks and assign them to your team and track those tasks until they are completed. The team will be able to store the data in one unique location, and all departments will have their (restricted) access. You will be able to store all financial data and see the health of the project – budget-wise.

A construction ERP system will help you protect your data

You might not be a technical person, but the next-generation construction ERP software providers will make sure that all safety measures are set properly. We live in a century where there is more and more talk about AI and how software systems can improve your work. Next-generation construction ERP software will help you in your daily job! You can have the application on your mobile phone (be it Android or Apple), make decisions in real-time and contact your team in a few clicks!

Protecting your company data is key for any new-generation ERP software.

The teams that work on the creation of these applications put safety first – cyber threats are real and GDPR data is as well key here. Make sure that the information is stored on more than one server and, in case of failure, that the data can be restored.