Here are some of the many industries that are being changed by the IoT

If you want to know more about the impact of the IoT or if you want to find out how it is going to change the world in the coming years, then this guide will tell you whatever you want to know.

Read on to discover some of the many industries that are being changed by the Internet of Things, or IoT for short.


Technological innovation when it comes to the farming industry really is nothing new, but agricultural industries are turning to the IoT to try and increase production while also meeting the demands of an even bigger population. Smart agriculture is taking off and it is being used to try and drive even more efficiency. The farming standards are now being increased and this is all being done through agricultural drones and even sensors as well. The ability to be able to monitor every animal or even plant individually is great and personalised feeding is now becoming the norm.


Another industry that is being radically changed is the casino industry. The casino industry has come in leaps and bounds ever since tech hit the market and a lot of this comes down to the fact that everything can be taken to that next level in terms of the overall casino experience. The live casino industry has changed so much and it also gives players the chance to chat with one another as well. Only time will tell what else the industry has in-store.


With connections being established between absolutely everything, from cars to wearables, it’s safe to say that a huge array of channels has been created for advertisers. Smart devices are providing even more data in regards to consumer spending patterns, behaviour, movements and more. This is giving marketers the chance to completely tailor their advertising campaign and it also helps them to target their users at the right time as well. This is leading to even more conversions. Smart drink bottles are now giving marketers to analyse their consumer behaviour by tracking their drinking habits. If you want an example of this then the Diageo whisky bottles give access to a huge range of promotional offers through their own smart-bottles, so that customers can get a discount on future purchases depending on what they have bought in the past.


The way that people travel and even the experiences that they have while abroad are going to change even more when you look at the IoT. Hotels are introducing facial recognition technology and they are also introducing other devices that will help guests to check-in much easier as well. If you just aren’t sure how this is all going to work, then you should know that smart devices could come into play here. It’s also possible that people will be able to one day be able to use their fingerprints so that they can access their hotel room, and this is great to say the least.

Of course, technology has changed so much in the past and it’s also going to change a lot in the future as well. It’s an exciting future.