Why you should try on-demand staff

Everyone admits that having a flexible workforce is a huge advantage in this fast-paced world. It’s better than having regular staff and it improves the planning process around development and growth.

You can budget for every specific aspect of your work and manage teams better with on-demand staff. Especially so when it comes to sudden spikes in activity and a bigger need for employees.

At the same time, you can see the team members that you employ as people with more excitement and motivation to be better and to do the project well.

This could potentially be even more beneficial for small businesses. They can hire people from a pool of talent and on-demand employees based on the skillsets that they need. They wouldn’t need to keep someone in their company all the time. It could be a huge waste of money and resources, especially if they don’t need them.

For mid to big companies, especially B2C companies, this is a bit strange. They like to have their own people and they like to grab talent before the competition does. But they also create their own group of on-demand talent people so they can pull from it whenever they need it. It has numerous benefits, starting from the fact that on-demand staffers feel like a part of the team, they are already familiar with the culture, technology, processes and you have trained them, as you can see in this study.

This concept is becoming more popular

This is an idea of on-demand staff is that companies can use people only when they need them for the purpose that they need them. And as such, more and more people are extremely interested in implementing this into their strategy.

Take Uber, for example. They have a refined technology approach, but also a great employee approach that’s basically on-demand. And the game is shifting to hip new companies like Uber to long-existing enterprises of corporate America.

Imagine running a retail business – a chain, possibly – and being able to hire incrementally based on the increase in the demand, not when the demand is becoming overwhelming. The headquarters could send you an employee or a recommendation from their own pool of workers. Experts say that on-demand staffing has the potential to disrupt the future of work, as you can read in this article:

Of course, this would inherently mean that those companies would have to adopt new technologies.

Think about this – if you, as a business owner, like to call an Uber and you think that it’s exceptionally easy, then it might be time to make your life easier too. Because that’s what on-demand staffing really is – making life easier from business owners, managers and the employees themselves.

This requires you to understand, naturally, the benefits of this new approach. No one really cares much about how things work, but they do care about the benefits it could bring them. Or the potential pitfalls of it.

So, why should you, indeed, adopt this now? What is it about it that will make you so happy?

There is a lot of pressure from all sides to quickly adopt new things. And the trick is, people don’t want to work in the same way as they did two decades ago. There are numerous possibilities now, and people want to enjoy them, as you can see here.

This is why more and more people go remote or freelance. This is the new workforce that you have to work with, and it’s best done in their own way. Providing more flexible working hours is one of the first steps any company should take when starting this out. All sorts of companies need to change their business models in order to provide better service, motivate their employees, and even provide more balance to their labor costs.

More expertise comes hand in hand with this. All of it can help you stay competitive on the market that is growing quickly and in favor of the customer.

Make smartphones and apps the key to usage and a smooth, unified experience across all areas. You can adopt the cloud as a way to manage your finances and other types of data. While it may have seemed crazy a few years ago, you’ll hardly be successful in hiring someone now without this.

The industries are changing because of this. We buy everything through Amazon or other eCommerce stores now, while brick-and-mortar stores die out, we use Lyft or Uber for transportation, abandoning traditional cabs, busses, and trams. We order food through apps and websites, we book our trips through the online world and this is not going to change soon. It’s made things easier, and people are not well-known for giving up on things that are making them happy.

Filling up vacancies that modern technology has caused is harder than you might think. So, here’s why these business staffing tips may work for you.

While it won’t replace your full-time employees – nor is it supposed to – on-demand staff can bring you numerous “gig economy” benefits. You can have a steady team of employees and then on top of that, on-demand staff that will help you handle any spikes in work.

You get a direct access to workers

Temp agencies are a good source of good employees, they are more of a middle man than they are a sound contact. Due to this, the process is more time-consuming and it costs both sides a lot of money. However, you can comfortably hire someone through on-demand channels directly and find the demand staff that you need.

Take warehouse workers for example. They find temporary work through an app called Wonolo and it’s great for getting a shift or two on the weekends, during holidays and so on.

When you contact them directly, you can rely on a highly valuable position and a more streamlined process that works well for everyone.

Less waiting

It can be difficult to fill up the positions without having to wait for quite some time. During that period, your current employees have to do more work and you are suffering losses. However, with on-demand staff, you can get more hands on deck and hire people in a simple, smooth way. 

The process is quick and it might even take as little as one day.