5 profitable and unusual businesses you can start in 2020

As the year has just started, why not make a positive change in your financial situation by opening up the business of your dreams.

Whatever has inspired you to be an entrepreneur, you should go for it. While exciting and potentially profitable, there’s no denying the fact that opening up a business can also be full of risks. With so many small and big businesses in the market today selling all sorts of things, how will you know which unusual product you should sell? You’ve got to do your part to ensure that you sell something that will be a big hit.

unusual businesses you can start in 2020To make sure that you sell excellent products, think of profitable and unusual businesses that will truly make a mark in the industry that you’re trying to penetrate. Here are some ideas to get inspired by.

1. Cannabis products

You might start debating how cannabis businesses are not unusual anymore due to its rising popularity, and you may well be correct. But, because there’s still so much skepticism surrounding cannabis-related products, not many entrepreneurs have taken on the challenge of applying for permits to legally open up a dispensary. So for 2020, businesses related to cannabis products are still one of the most profitable that you can start. Before proceeding, however, do make sure that cannabis is already legal where you are located. Otherwise, you may have to wait until it becomes legal for you to take such an initiative.

Here are some ideas of business that you can start, related to the cannabis industry:

  • Sell indoor incubators for marijuana plants

People who intend to use CBD for only their own consumption don’t need much space to cultivate marijuana plants. Even their indoor space is sufficient for them to grow marijuana plants all year round, no matter the weather.

With this, you may want to partner with businesses such as Everything But The Plant to supply you with whatever equipment you may need to start.

  • Run a cannabis public relations firm

Public relations for the cannabis industry is essential today. This is especially true as, despite its legality in your area, there’s undeniably still a lot of stigma attached to it. Your firm can help rectify the stigma and misconceptions associated with marijuana.

The beauty, health and wellness industry is something that’s consistently in demand. Women are constantly on the hunt for techniques to enhance their beauty. With the many powerful benefits of cannabis, why not manufacture them into cosmetics. In so doing, you would be introducing natural cosmetic products in the market with an unusual ingredient: cannabis.

  • Open a cannabis bed & breakfast

No, you’re not opening a place for people to get as high as they like. CBD, after all, should not make you high. The B&B would be meant for people who want CBD massages, dishes, tea, and whatnot, to give them immediate overnight relief from stress and anxiety.

2. Hangover helpers

Does this already sound weird to you? If you’ve ever had a hangover, or if you still regularly do have one, then chances are that you’ll know how awful it is to experience that after a long night of having fun. When you’ve experienced multiple night-out sessions, you may already know a thing or two about hangovers. Even better, you and your buds may have come up with your own secrets on how to combat or prevent that hangover.

If you did, share that secret with the world. It will work out to be a win-win scenario. You’ll earn a living, and you would be helping others breeze through their weekends happily and hangover-free.

3. Child care

Yes, there may be many child care centers in your locality now. But, it’s still a unique idea for the very reason that there just aren’t enough. With more parents needing to go back to work as soon as possible, they struggle with how to find a place that they can trust to leave their children. Especially if you love children and have young children yourself, opening up a child care center might be a good idea for you.

4. Open a smashing place

When people are frustrated and trying to release some anger, at times they resort to throwing objects. While this isn’t always recommended in your house, there are cases where smashing things is an integral part of therapy. It’s like providing people a safe place to help them release their emotions, get their anger out, and feel lighter.

Opening a smashing place would be a business where people can come in, pay, and break the items that they paid for. The whole point of the exercise is that when people leave, they will immediately feel relieved.

5. Mobile laundry service

Yes, there are hundreds of laundry places wherever you go nowadays. But mobile laundry services? Very rare. Think of this as similar to a food truck or a mobile bar, except that your focus is on washing other people’s clothes. You would be on call to pick up the clothes, then you would also have to deliver them in your mobile truck. As people always need to wear clean clothes and are getting increasingly busy, they’d surely love to have your mobile laundry service do their laundry while at work. That way, people will no longer have to drive or walk very far just to drop off their dirty laundry.  


Are these ideas unusual enough for you? Hopefully, this list may have inspired you on how to go about with your business. If you think these unusual and unique businesses will sell well to the market that you’re trying to penetrate, then go for it! No business is ever without any risks. But, with a balance of hard work and creativity, you can be one step closer to making it big.