Just brother-sister things

A brother-sister relationship is a cart full of messy, yet lovely memories. Starting from the cute ticklings of childhood, escapades of brother and sister turn towards silly fights and secret-busting threats in adolescence.

The most primary mission of bro-sis pair is to annoy and irritate each other to the extent that even the Avengers can’t handle. But, their relationship has a rock-strong base of love which can counter everything in a matter of seconds. It may sound over-reacted, but a pair of a brother-sister sibling holds all the colour that one can name.

So, things that we are about to outline may take some of you down to the memory lane. And, some will agree that they are into these right now.

Ready! Steady! GO!

You are adopted!!

It’s a damn sure thing! The elder one does this to the younger sibling. “You are adopted, Maa-Baba has picked you up from the roadside”. And, it sounds like a universal fact to the younger sibling because of the innocence of childhood. This messy mischief is so apparent that it can be tagged as tradition now. I understand the pain of victim cause I have been smacked with the same by my elder brother.

Our parents love me more!!

Now that’s a lifetime argument, and we have seen it in the movies too. Irrespective of the age, brother-sister rivalry always has the war-blood running in veins on the single point “Our parents love me more than you and they will always do”. Even when the both know that this argument has no practicality, it sounds like a fight over global-warming issues. Have you ever been to this face-off?

Here is your rakhi. Where is my gift?

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is to bring moments of Love back in the scene, but the primary mission somehow manages to interfere. A sister spends a whole day shopping to get the perfect rakhi for her brother and seeks a promise of lifetime protection along with a gift in return. But, the brother takes this as an opportunity to irritate. That’s a loveliest #BrotherSisterThing. In case the life has parted you both in regards to geographical distance, you can send love to your brother through services like rakhi delivery in UK, Australia, Germany, and many more. With that, you can say “Here is your rakhi. Where is my gift?” to tease him one more time.

You ate my chocolate again! Aarrgghhh!

‘Girls are fond of Chocolate, and it works like a daily tonic of energy and happiness to them. Even boys love to eat chocolates, but they never confess’. That’s what I extracted from my not-so-famous survey on the brother-sister relationship. Girls have more patience than boys, and that’s why sisters around the world keep their chocolate bars safe in their almirah or the refrigerator if unwrapped, but brothers always succeed to find and get the Chocolate finished in few bites. And, that leads to a high pitch scream “Aarrgghhh! You ate my Chocolate again. Is there something wrong with you?” Inject love again, send a chocolate box with rakhi to London for your loving brother.

And a few more…

“Behna, please help me to hook-up with your friend.”

“Bhai, I am going on a dinner date. Will you please help me with my excuse to move out?”

It’s TV time! Let’s fight for the remote!!

“Mumma, he hit me first” “NO! She hit me first”.

And, these just brother-sister things can go on and on and on…