7 tips for clearing your garden in autumn

Often, once the rain and wind of autumn sets in, we put away our gardening tools and wait for spring to arrive. The problem with, though, is that when spring does arrive, we’re often left with a large ‘to do’ list to get our garden back in order.

This is why, by taking the time to clear your garden during the autumn months, you’ll find that come spring, your garden will be looking just as good as it did last summer. The only problem is, with such unpredictable weather, what are the best tips for an autumn garden clearance? Tips from

clearing garden in autumn1. Keep on top of fallen leaves

With all their different colours, fallen autumn leaves can look very pretty. When left to rot on your lawn and paths though, they can stop light reaching your grass (causing damage) and make for slippery pathways.

So, set away an hour or so at the weekend and use a rake to collect fallen leaves. You can use a few of these leaves to put under any hedge or shed you have – ideal for hedgehogs – and the rest can be made into leaf mould, which is wonderful for your soil.

2. Clear out lawn moss and weeds

Having a gorgeous lawn in summer means year-round maintenance. In autumn, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to remove moss and weeds, giving your grass plenty of time to grow before spring.

Start by raking your grass, this will help remove moss and weeds, and then add a deterrent to kill off the roots. You should also consider using an autumn lawn feed.

3. Clear out your borders

Rather than leaving dead plants to rot away in the soil, you should take the time in Autumn to cut away or dig out these plants. Otherwise, when they degrade down, they might infect other plants with diseases leaving you with a dead border come the New Year.

4. Remove grass and weeds from pathways

Adding new features such as garden paving can really transform your outdoor space into something special. But with the heat and sunlight during summer, grass and weeds tend to branch out into our paths and driveways. Now that autumn is here, you can take the time to really clear these pathways and give them a good clean.

Start by edging your grass with clean lines, then start scraping away any grass that has crept over. If you have many weeds, you may wish to put down some weed killer. Then, once everything is gone, use a power washer to make your slabs look brand new again.

5. Empty any pots with dead plants

Rather than leaving pots with dead roots over winter, take the time now to empty out pots and clean them. That way, once spring arrives, you’ll have lots of clean pots to plant new plants in.

6. Clear out your compost bin

When you start clearing your borders and old pots, you’re going to end up with a lot of plant matter you may wish to compost. This means this is the perfect time to clear out your bin, adding last autumn’s compost into your border. That way you’ll have plenty of room for your garden waste.

7. Get your shed in order

Now that summer is over, it can be tempting to just chuck all your garden tools and furniture into the shed. Before you do that, though, take the time to clean and service your tools and garden furniture, that way, when you pull anything out the following summer, they will still look like new.

You can even take the time to clear any clutter in your shed, leaving you with plenty of room for storage.