The superfood start-up which is changing the USA and UK

In recent years, superfoods have gained in popularity around the globe

As more people have realized the benefits of incorporating them into their diets, fuelled by the need to balance hectic lifestyles with healthier diets.

Amidst the extensive list of superfoods, vanilla is a very popular superfood as it has a versatile portfolio of uses, and it is so easy to incorporate into a variety of dishes – not to mention that it tastes amazing!

Who/what is Native Vanilla?

Native vanilla is a family business that has been around since 1981 when the family moved to Karawari, which is a small river village in Papua New Guinea. Business is conducted by an entire community of vanilla growers.

The company’s business conduct spurs from the love and passion for people. The aim behind it all is for products to be sold and for it to improve communities. Projects are implemented with the goal on an enduring impact on not only the health, but welfare for the entire community.

Business in striving for development which is sustainable

The community projects that Native Vanilla is involved with cater in giving back to the micro-farmers who are based in small villages a distance away from the city and are struggling with:

  • Transportation costs to get their products to the cities, shops and markets.
  • The low market prices at which cooperatives are buying products.
  • There is a significant lack in education pertaining to sustainable farming, and others.

Native Vanilla is trying to aid these communities in so many ways, and the major contribution is that from sales on the website, where consumers can directly benefit not only societies, but the environment and economy.

Native Vanilla, the good stuff – at affordable prices!

Native Vanilla has a range of vanilla products vanilla beans, vanilla powder and even options for gifting. For people who are interested in specifically incorporating more vanilla products into their daily diets, there is an amazing recipe section.

With offices based in the United States and South Africa, customers who shop online can have their goodies delivered to various locations all over the world.

More information can be obtained on Native Vanilla by visiting their website

US and UK – where do they stand on the superfood revolution?

In the US and UK superfoods are becoming increasingly more popular, with it climbing the scale on sales versus other food and beverages amidst other popular foods, this becoming more apparent when comparing year to year sales on superfoods.

Superfoods have taken the globe by storm in recent years and has had a global impact on the way people regard eating and obtaining the required nutrients apart from having to take supplements.

Even Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay, amidst other popular chefs, have published numerous recipes with superfood as the star of the show. This has helped people understand Superfoods better and given them a different perspective on healthy food and meal preparation.

There are so many delicious (and fun) ways of incorporating superfoods which do not have to be a chore and the revolution is spreading little by little to more countries and making its way into more cuisines, even traditional.