What you need to know when choosing your broadband provider

Are you living in the UK and considering broadband? If you are thinking of switching to broadband or to a new broadband provider, you are probably tired of slow connections and want a better internet and TV experience.

Before using a site to compare broadband, here are a few things to consider first when choosing your broadband provider.

1. The number of people using your connection

It is obvious that the more the number of people using your connection the slower it will get. Especially if you are a business. If you are living with your large family in the UK with more than 4 people, then you should opt for packages with a speed that can accommodate everyone when they are using it at the same time. If you are living in shared flats or sharing as families, the best option will be to get the unlimited package. This is the best because you will not have to worry about being suddenly cut off by your broadband provider or charged extra for more data.

The broadband package types

There are various broadband package types and they are as follows:

a. Unlimited fiber-optic broadband

This is very important especially if you have a large household consisting of four or more regular users. This unlimited option usually has download speeds of 34MB+. Some common providers of these services are Virgin Media, TalkTalk, BT, Sky, Plusnet, EE and NOW Broadband.

b. Unlimited broadband

This one has a download speed of 10MB+ and can be used by up to four people in a home. However, even though you are this number in your home but love watching a lot of movies and downloading games, you could also opt for a connection with faster speeds. Standard broadband will still work effectively, of course depending on the kind of service the provider is offering.

c. A fixed usage limit

If you happen to be a solo user in your home and are a light user, requiring the internet for just occasional TV or email, then you could opt for a low-cost package that comes with a fixed usage limit. These are the packages available but you can go an extra mile and compare fiber optic deals for the best.

2. The broadband speed you need

After determining the number of users in your home, you should have a pretty good idea about the kind of speeds you need. Your choice will be determined by whether you want fibre or ADSL ‘standard’ broadband. Needs vary but you can come to the perfect choice of a broadband package by considering the following:

  • Need to stream TV and video in HD or 4K quality.
  • You happen to download large files from file-sharing sites.
  • You play and download a lot of video games.
  • You Live in a shared house with lots of gadgets connected at the same time.
  • You need the most reliable connection.
  • Get ‘standard’ ADSL broadband if you use the internet to email, check social media or browse websites.
  • Standard ADSL also great if you stream video in HD quality.
  • Standard ADSL perfect for low budget.
  • If you can’t get fiber-optic broadband in your area consider standard ADSL.

3. How often do you stream or download TV and movies

Watching TV and movies online has become quite popular for the majority of home internet users. The popular streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video or BBC iPlayer and all the others all require broadband packages that can accommodate them.

Video is usually the number one guzzler of gigabytes which is why unlimited usage is very important. If you find it unaffordable, then try fibre because it has this high bandwidth that minimizes buffering and enables high-definition quality.

If you can’t find a superfast fibre you can always opt for a standard package that will still work. A service like Netflix only requires speeds of about 3MB to stream at standard quality.

4. The broadband TV aspect

Of course, you want TV because bundling TV with broadband is a good way to save money. This will also mean that you will only have a single bill to pay instead of two separate ones. Decide on which channels or extra services you need and you should choose the service that offers them. There are various TV services available in the UK such as Sky, TalkTalk TV, Virgin Media, BT TV, Now TV and so on. Every one of these TV services has something a little different to offer. It is therefore worth taking time to have a look at their offers.

However to help you make an informed choice consider the following:

  • For a bells and whistles package with lots of channels and extras consider Sky broadband offers and deals or Virgin Media great packages. They offer lots of channels which include entertainment channels, film channels, and sports. You will also get to view catch-up TV and box sets which are quite popular.
  • If you are on a budget and prefer a lower price TV service that still offers some features then consider BT TV or TalkTalk TV. Both of them offer integrated catch-up and recording functionality and allows you to add on extra channels.
  • However, if you would love that option to add or remove channels every month, you can consider TalkTalk TV or Now TV which will allow you to chop and change the channels you would wish to watch every month. Consider the no-contract basis that Now TV offers its services by.

Even after reading this still compare TV services available in the UK and get the best deal for your broadband TV needs.

5. The operators in your area

The broadband TV packages you will get access to will always depend on where you live. Some providers are all over the UK but others exist only in a few areas. The good thing is that there are online platforms that enable you to see the providers and deals available within your area by simply inserting the postcode. So you will be able to compare packages and get the best-suited one for you and your family.

6. What does your budget say?

The cost of broadband is very important because, in the end, you will only need to choose the package that you can afford. However, judging a deal based on price only is not advisable and can result in the picking of the worst service. Ensure that as you check out the prices, ensure that your package can offer adequate internet connection and supports the activity of everyone in your home. Don’t be caught in a scenario where you have paid for a package that is cheap but is frustrating you and your family because of its insufficient speed or makes you keep paying for extra data.

Take time to study the features and compare them to find the broadband provider that is ideal for your home. Let your switch to broadband be enjoyable and fulfilling instead of a nightmare. Consider the above tips to make the best decision.